The "Alternative"

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    Several years back I was pruning an orchard for a farm client. Usual apples, cherries, white Iowa peaches, pears, grapes. Got done about noon and he invites me in to dinner. Nice dinner and conversation. After eating and getting ready to leave he thanks me for doing his orchard because he couldn't crawl around in them anymore. "You've paid your dues I said. Just enjoy being put out to pasture and spend some time fishing." "I'd rather work, but it beats the alternative" he said.
    He then tells me a story about the neighbors across the road. At the end of WWII they took their two teams of Belgian geldings out early to cultivate corn. It was unusual to have two matched teams. It meant they had money. Most folks at that time , if it had four legs, no brains and could pull a plow they would use it (kinda like Ford trucks nowadays). They come back in at noon. It was hot, but instead of letting them cool off, drink and rest in the shade they took their harnesses off, haltered them and tied them to a fence. Shortly the local farm implement store pulled in with a brand new red tractor carrying a cultivator and unloaded it. Behind the tractor dealer came a rendering truck. They shot those horses in the head one-at-a-time, winched them on the truck and sent them on their way to become hog feed and glue. "I don't like being put out pasture he says, but it beats that alternative."
    I since have become crippled up and am out to "pasture" so to speak. When my wife walks by our gun closet now I least try and look busy. It sure beats the "alternative"
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    Not having experienced "the alternative" first hand, I'm not qualified to make that judgement...:big_smile: I'll make every effort to get back to you on that...:wink:

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    I reckon!! Yikes! I'm glad they don't treat people that way! Shooting an animal just because it has become useless so to speak,well I just couldn't do it! Not my cup of tea!!!:crazy: