The Altamaha is high, swift , dangerous, and cold.

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    We had three boats turnover less than 9 miles from my cabin this week. Saturday the 2nt three people were in a 14 foot Jon boat about a half a mile from my place. The boat turnover in swift water. A friend of mine jumped on a jet ski trying to help them and ended up in the water too. They found all four hanging on a tree about a mile and a half from where the boat turnover. All four were alive but freezing. Only one went to the hospital.
    Two days later two people put in at Davis landing (about 9 miles up river) and ran over a log floating in the river. The boat capsized throwing them in the water. Both had on life preservers however no one saw them falling in. Friends did not miss them for five hours and before help could get to them one had passed away from hypothermia.

    The Altamaha river is extremely dangerous especially this time of the year. I know I don't respect the river like I should but I'm fixing to make some real changes in the things I do while fishing. I don't have the strength or endurance that I used to have. I just bought one of those self inflating life preservers and I plan to wear it any time I'm on the boat or near the water. You just can't be too careful...
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    Thomaston, Geor
    stay safe bro.
    its agood idea to respect a river,especially this time of year.No matter your age or physical condition,cause i guarantee that river is stronger than anyone,and can take you out.I need to respect it more myself,any river.until i came on the BOC(USCA)i did'nt realize the risk i was takin.great post,and stay safe.

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    I have been boating and fishing all my life, I have done quite a bit of river running but the Altamaha has come pretty close to getting me twice in the last 3 years. Thanks for the reminder.
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    Crazy to be on that river right now... I like it when its nice and low, better Flathead catfishing also.. :Happy:
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    Rode up to rocky hamlet on the ocmulgee it still looks about 10 ft to high we just looked around and went to a pond caught about 12 specks the rivers not safe at this time