The 2008 (Outside) Bait Tank

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    This is the second year that I'm using this style of system for my outside bait tank. Last year everything worked almost perfectly. I was on year two of my Aqua Clear 110 filter system but the 1st year for the undergravel filter and power heads. After fixing several crack on the Aqua Clear, I decided to retire it, as it was time to replace it. Last fall I picked up a Beckett Pond Filter and Pump. It's pretty powerfull for the size of my tank (rated for up to a 12 x 12 pond. It seem to work real well though. The spray nozzle shoots up to like a 15 foot stream. I had to silicone 2/3's of the nozzel and install a spray bar on the adapter in order to get the flow right, but I think it's set now. It may not be pretty but it should keep Bullheads, Bluegills, Goldfish, Chubs, Suckers, Rockbass and whatever else I use for bait alive. The white thigns are the side are there to help make sure the fish dont jump out and fall through the openeings. I just set the tank up today (for 2008). At 1st I thought the "foam" was actually just "bubbles" that were going away, later I realized this was not the case. I have sense fixed the problem by adding more water. The foam is gone. (Foam = Bad News for the fish.)

    This years set up will have:
    -The 500 gallon Beckett Pond Filter/Pump
    -3 Power Heads
    -100 gallon undergravel filter

    Additional items used throughout the year:
    -Morton water softener tablets
    -Aqua Safe when I add water.
    -Stress Coat when I add several new fish.
    -"Rejuvenade" by "Bass Medics" (This is what turns the water a green color.) I used this stuff last year and it really seemed to help keep fish healthy. I use this in the outside tank, my portable tanks plus my boat livewells while tourney fishing for cats. (Keeps both the bait and cats healthy.)

    Here's last years set up


    Here's this years set up

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    Nice setup H2O, you can keep alot of bait in that setup.