That was driving me CRAZY!

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    Boat's been losing prime every time I stop and aggravating me to no end. It finally aggravated me enough to actually work on it:smile2:

    I unhooked the fuel line at both ends and filled the 20' of line from the tank to the motor with compressed air. That held air fine. Not that line.

    Checked the fuel bulb, filter, and line from filter to motor. Not that either. Finally pulled my head out and changed the fuel lines at the carbs after I noticed a small fuel leak there. Also found some small hose clamps to use instead of zip ties - should help with keeping the lines from leaking. So far she's holding pressure fine.

    Since I was already in boat maintaining mood, I decided to pull the lower unit. I used the prop to dig a channel through a sandbar the other day so I've been meaning to check that. It's been pushing water fine, I'm just paranoid:wink: While I had the lower off I pulled the t-stat and flushed the block good.

    Put the lower back on it and changed the lower unit oil. Couple of big shavings in there, but not surprising since I smacked some rocks the other day and last night I got a piece of wood jammed in the prop hard enough to stop the motor.

    O'Reilley's didn't have my fuel/water separator filter in stock today, but they'll have it in first thing in the morning so I can change that out tomorrow.

    While I was fooling around I checked the compression to see how it was holding up after last year's rebuild - 120 PSI on the nose across all 3 cylinders. Knock on wood it'll stay that way:big_smile:

    Anyway, long post - didn't need help with anything, just wanted to type awhile:smile2:
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    Branden its always a pleasure to read a good maintenance report.