That one time - tell your wildest fishing story

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Catmaster, Apr 24, 2006.

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    I know that there are some wild stories out there about times when you guys have been out fishing and I would like to here them. THE WILDEST STORIES. So, go ahead, tell me about what happend that/this one time.

  2. APD1146

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    New York
    The best I can do for you is some years back, my dad, brother, and I were wade fishing in a local creek for bass and crappies. It was getting near dark and we started to catch small eels. It got so dark it was hard to see them when we were swinging them in to us. My brother and I were in our bathing suits and he swung a eel in that hit me in the face and then dropped into my bathing suit. It was now pretty dark and you want to see someone jump around as the eel went thru the bathing suit and was now at my knees. I jumped, screamed and tried to pull the eel back up thru my bathing suit. My father and brother laughed so hard. I'm glad we were in the stream because my brother laughed so hard he actually peed in his bathing suit. God rest him.

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    Iowa / Missouri
    Not real exciting, unless you were there, but I lived in Rock Springs, Wyo for a couple of years and fished the Flaming Gorge Reservoir a lot and we were ice fishing one day and it came up a thunder storm. Here we are on 8" of ice and big old thunderstorm clouds come in, with lightening. I was fishing with an older guy that was a friends dad and we had several lightening strikes very, VERY close. I don't mean miles away, I don't mean 100's of yards away, I mean yards away. But, we were catching trout like there was no tomorrow and I was truly afraid there wasn't going to be a tomorrow the way things were going. I remember talking to the old man and telling him we needed to get in the truck and wait out the storm. Later in life I saw a similar resemblance to this in a movie, Caddy Shack where the Father was golfing in the storm and could do no wrong, that look was on this old mans face. He was catching trout like he had never done before and he wasn't leaving for anything on this earth. I was watching this lightening hit the shore and blow rocks around like dynamite and I started heading for the truck. Not sure if movement or non-movement was the safest, I decided to just walk and pray for the best. I made it to the truck and the old man kept fishing and as soon as the storm and lightening passed the fish quit bitting and the old man came to the truck and asked why I quit fishing. He laughed and made a comment about that was quite a storm and I just wanted to go home. Scared the heck out of me. All he talked about was the way the fish were bitting and the size of the trout and what a grand day it was, he was pumped.
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    about *&&^^%% years ago lol years ago i used to work in ft smith ark nights so i had a lot of time , set lines in the ark river ,below webber art stoney point, across river , for thouse of u that dont know its where the south canadian and ark come togeather. this was about the time kerr lake was opened for waterfowl hunting, i had 3 lines aceoss the flats there and would catch bookoo fish every day . there was a commercial fisherman that ran a net just below stoney point . one day about 12'00 noon i was running my lines before work , the old man was checking his nets with hia buddy ( 2 boats) i herd them yelling an screaming at each outher, i looked up one boat was standing on end. some one was hollering cut the net , i dropped my line an took off . i could see something in the water threashing arround throwing water high up in the air. iwas comming up behind his boat as he was headed to the bank wide open dragging the net with him whrn i saw the fish i just stopped that fishes head was wider than the transome of his boat. just as we got to the bank the fish threashed again an pulled his trans. under we were on the bank then. the fish just left. we took his net up on yhe bank at stoney point . the hole was big enough to drive an 18 wheeler tractor through. so i know the state record lives there back in the day i have seen some huge fish in the river. ask me about my turtle story some time. have a day,
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    Not a wild story, but sort of funny, and actually happened about a week ago.
    I'm teaching my stepson how to fish, and he seems to have the worst luck when it comes to his fishing line. A few days before we went out to the river, I showed him how to re-string his reels, and he did with Shakespeare Cajun line (17# test). So we're out on the river, and he casts his rod and his line comes completely off his reel. No big deal to me because I've seen him do that before. A few minutes go by and a guy fishing a little up river from us lands a nice striped bass. He shouts down, 'Are you guys using red line'?. I say yes, and he tells me he thinks he caught our fish. Apparently, when my stepson lost his line, the fish must have swallowed his bait and hooked himself, then bit this other guys bait right after. Sure enough, he pulls the fish off his line, and there's a trail of cajun line trailing after him with the hook and bait down in the fish's gullet. I'd never seen anything like that happen, and got a good laugh out of it.
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    A guy I know told me a story about how one time him and buddies went ice fishing. One of his friends had to pinch a loaf so he does his business and puts his full body coveralls on then throws up his hood which he crapped in!!! Till this day they still call him Sh!# Head!:)
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    Several years ago when I was in Jr. High school. I went fishing with my 2 cousins. Larry was the same age as I was and Ronnie had recently returned from Viet Nam. We were fishing a creek in Vinton county Ohio, and we had had a few beers. It was getting on towards dark, and I got tired of holding my pole. I found a forked stick and shoved it in the ground close to the water. The stick broke and I tumbled head over heels in the creek. I'm freaking out yelling and screaming for them to save me because I couldn't swim. All the time they are laughing their butts off. Finally Ronnie yells at me to just shut up and stand up. I did and the water was only chest deep. I don't remember if we caught any fish but we sure laughed a lot that night. Now I drink at home and use a metal rod holder at the lake.
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    DANG!!! That sounded like a JW tale.

    man, wait till he see's this thread, it will be his favorite!
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    John I wish I had known about that story befor we started fishing together............LOL!!!!
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    Heres one from my drinking days.

    One night me and two buddys and the dog wade out to an island to fish all night. We brought dry jeans to change into started a fire and start drinking. My buddys pass out and Im not catching anything so I move down river you got to get in the water to move past some rocks so now my jeans are wet. I start catching fish and go back and manage to get one of my buddies. When we get back down river we start a fire I take my jeans off set them by the fire to dry so I can get warm and drink til I pass out. Next thing I wake up to the dog barking at a group of kayakers I am buck naked on a rock my buddy is down the bank buck naked covered in mud my pants burnt up and the mosquitoes tore me up. I cant imagine what they thought, I was too miserable to care. Definitely glad I had some shorts back upriver for the walk out though.
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    Here's one for ya, my future son-in-law and I were out fishing one night and he says I know of a place on the river that we haven't tried yet. So I say lets go an hour later we are sitting on this 1/4 mile long bridge thats probably 10' above the water. It's getting really dark and there is no house for miles. But the stars are out and its going to be a great night. Well I get my lines in the water and then thats when everything went wrong. I sitting there kicked back waiting for a big ole flathead, and he decides that he is going to talk to the owls, so for about 15 mins hes carrying on a conversation with old hooty. When all of a sudden I hear this bloody curdling, make my hair stand on end which I don't have much of scream that keeps changing pitch, like a banshee that ate bigfoot and got a leg caught. I fell out of the chair looking for my flashlight and of course the damn thing died. So now I am in nowhere land with no light and something in the woods that I don't ever want to see. We stayed and nothing got us but to this day I still can't go to that bridge without spare flashlights and my shotgun. Aint no Yeti getting me.