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    Just want to take this opportunity to thank all who are or have served this great country of ours. It's your sacrifice that make the rights and privileges we all enjoy in our daily lives a reality. To the families and friends of those Fallen Heroes of Fort Hood, I offer my condolences and heartfelt sympathy, but please know that they will live in our hearts forever. Stay safe and thank a vet!!!:wink:
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    Well said Larry. Thanks. I just don't understand how something like that could have happened. My prayers go out to all the family and friends of the victims. Our Nation joins them in mourning the fallen.

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    thanks for the thread Larry, i would llke to thank all the veterans and active military for protecting our freedoms!!!!!
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    I'd like to add my thanks as well, to all active millitary and veterans. Thank you for your service, and sacrifice. Condolences and prayers for the families of those who lost their lives at Ft. Hood.
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    You know, Sunday night in church, our song-leader, who is retired Air Force, and served during Vietnam, was dismissing us in prayer. He normally prays pretty much the same thing, but, as I knew he would, this time, he began to thank God for our country, but he began to cry and could hardly finish his prayer. Now, in my 11 years of knowing him, I've NEVER know him to be emotional about anything, even after a surprise, he's calm about it. Hearing him cry as he thanked God for this country made me realize how much America really meant to him. It was a special moment; I nearly cried then, and a tear comes to my eye as I type this.

    I want to thank all the veterans for their service and wish them a happy veterans day. Freedom is not free, and your sacrifice has no doubt kept our country, and our freedoms, safe.
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    Another big THANKS to all vets past, present, and future!!