Thanksgiving weekend - Caught some nice Blue Cats!

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    Wilmington, NC
    Unfortuantely, I didn't get to fish as much as I had planned to over the Thanksgiving holiday. However I did get to do some fishing very early Saturday morning, and Sunday evening. Here's the report, followed by pictures.


    We left for the lake around 2am, and got to the bait hole around 3am. They had Kerr dam running, which makes the water flow into the creek. I threw my net, probably around 30 times, and only ended up with about 40 small (5-6 inch) shad or so. So, we tried various other bait spots and didn't catch any shad at the other spots. Then we decided to just go ahead fishing with what we had.

    We headed for the mouth of Pea Hill Creek again, after waiting a while I had a really good run, hooked the fish and instantly I knew I had a nice fish. I got it about halfway in when the fish rolled a few times and my hooked popped out, when I reeled in about 4 feet of my line was covered in slime. Right after that my dad had a fish that was exactly like mine and did the same exact thing to him. Must have been a school that was coming through. I would say the fish were in the 20-30lb range.

    By now it was about 6am and we decided to take one more shot at catching some more shad, but they just weren't there, I only could catch about 5 more small shad. From there we headed back to the mouth of Pea Hill creek, I didn't get any good hits, but my dad caught one or two smaller Blue Cats around 5lbs. We fished there until around 9am and the action just wasn't hot enough.

    We went all the way up to Eaton Ferry Bridge, and fished a little away from the bridge on the downside. On our bait poles with worms we must have caught at least 20 small Blue's and Channel's. And then missed a lot of Blue Cats on the shad, until my dad finally hooked one really good, which ended up being 12 pounds. Right after that something rather funny happened, we had run out of worms, so I found a smashed little shad and put it on my little bait pole, well right when my dad had got his fish in the boat the bait pole just doubled over and I had an awesome fight with a 7 pound Blue Cat. That sure was a lot of fun to catch one on the small gear like that. Then we were out of bait, and went back to the boat ramp.

    At the boat ramp something rather intresting happened, I saw something flip on top of the water that looked like a shad, and then remembered what a friend told me about about the shad running around at the end of his dock. And started looking down around the end of the dock at the ramp, and actually could see some 5-6 inch shad running around. I spent a lot of time and effort trying to catch them but actually ended up catching about 50 of them, not bad for daytime.


    We were hoping to get out in the morning, but my dad had worked Saturday night and couldn't go. So we just decided to wait until the afternoon/evening to go. Left around 3pm, got to the lake hoping to be able to catch some more shad at the boat ramp, but they had drained the lake down a lot lower and the shad weren't in there. We went to the mouth of Lizard and could only catch very small shad that are not very good for bait.

    Then we headed to Eaton Ferry again, it was dark by the time we got there though. Not much going on there, dad got one around 5 pounds, and I had one good run that I think was a Striper, a lot of fish on the fishfinder that most likely were Stripers.

    We headed back down the lake and stopped by one of our main spots which is a point on the main lake, a lot of fish on the fishfinder, so we decided to give it a try although it usually was not good fishing at night. Didn't take too long before I had a pumping type of bite, I set the hook and had an awesome fight with what turned out to be a 11 pound Blue Cat. Right when I got that one in the boat my other pole got a run but the fish let go before I could hook it. Then my dad caught some smaller 5-6lb Blue Cats. Followed by me getting another run which turned out to be another awesome fighting fish that was 12 pounds. I don't know why but it seems that a lot of fish that we have been catching are in that exact size range.

    Action started to slow down a little and we went back to Pea Hill for our last spot. Went close to the bridge, Gaston Dam was running, meaning water was flowing out of the creek. Didn't take long at all before my bait that was right in the current got a bite and I caught a 6lb Blue Cat. Then we pretty much ran out of bait, and I had school so we had to get off the lake, by then it was already 11pm!

    So in all, on Saturday and Sunday we caught 10 Blue Catfish from 5-12 pounds, not counting the countless number of very small ones on the worms. It was enjoyable getting to fish again after 2 weeks of no time on the water!

    Here are some pictures of the fish we caught, now it's time to get out the fillet knife! LOL!

    1st picture is of my dads 12lber from Eaton Ferry on Saturday

    2nd is of the 7lb Blue I caught on my bait pole Saturday at Eaton Ferry

    3rd is of all the fish caught on Saturday and Sunday, the two I am holding up are 11 and 12lbs.

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  2. Memphis_Catfish_King

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    wtg zakk those are some nice cats

  3. jlingle

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    Altus, Okl
    Nice job Zakk!! That looks (and sounds) like it was a great time. I remember when my dad and I used to fish a lot together. Those were some terrific times. Glad you guys got it done this thanksgiving weekend.

  4. Katmaster Jr.

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    Wilmington, NC
    Thanks guys, it was a good time, maybe I will finally get a big fish on the next trip, had some terrible luck this year.

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Thanx for sharein there "Z" MAN! LOL!
  6. bluehunter

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    Los Angele
    Nice going on a heap of blues. Glad another member had a sucessful trip this past weekend.
  7. smoke

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    those are some very nice fish congrats and good luck on the big one
  8. Pontoon

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    Zakk, that is a great report and was fun to read. I think it is really a cool thing that you and your dad enjoy fishing together. I'm glad you made it a point to get home in time to get to school, that's important too!
    That's a nice mess of fish you and your dad got, keep up the good work.
  9. laidbck111

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    Another great trip for you and your dad congrats.
  10. Flatheadhunter33

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    Yuma, Arizona
    Thanks for the pics Zakk. Glad to see you all getting some good action out there.
  11. shelbygt1979

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    Olathe, KS
    Zakk, Nice Fish there thanks for sharing the pics and the story Sound like you had a blast
  12. FishBrew

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    North Texas
    excellent catch. Good to see you land some quality fish.
    The pic with the bridge in the back ground made me look twice at your location, looks similar to the 190 bridge over Lake Livingston in TX. (old memories)

    WHEELMOBILE07 New Member

    Martinsville, Virginia
    Thanks for sharing zakk, looks like a fish fry about to happen soon to me. Keeps us informed on your excursions.

  14. Patmansc

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    Greer, SC
    Pat Chaney
    Great report, Zakk - all in all I would say that you had a pretty good weekend :lol: Thanks for the pics.
  15. metalman

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    Good report Zakk, very well written...W
  16. catfisher43

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    Congrats on the catch Zakk.Thx for pictures.
  17. JPritch

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    Lynchburg, VA
    Whew....looks like a good trip to me!

    Thanks for reporting and good writeup!
  18. C_wernett

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    North Carolina
    Considering all the catfishing I've done and still haven't even caught a small blue...I'd be stoked to catch a little 7lber!
  19. Katmaster Jr.

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    Wilmington, NC
    Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed the report. We did have a good time, then again we always do even when we do get skunked. At the end of that trip Saturday we got a little senial or something...:lol: It was funny, wish I had a video camera with me, you all would get a kick out of some of the stuff we were saying and doing...:lol:
  20. Pennsylvaniacatchaser

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    Sarver, Pa
    Great fishing report Zakk! Thanks for posting the pics! I always enjoy your stories and photos!:0a23: