Thanksgiving Family Traditions

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    Hi folks! What are some Thanksgiving traditions in your respective families? The standby foods/dishes every enjoys year end and year out, the special things you participate in AFTER the meal (football on TV, etc.....we aren't countin' naps though :big_smile:). The meal around here usually consists of turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, corn, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, pickles, deviled eggs, and yeast rolls; sometimes with a little ham thrown in there too.... pumpkin and pecan pies, plus various other desserts. Then after dinner, we gather 'round the piano and kick off the Christmas season with a few family renditions of our favorite carols. Share, PLEASE. What is Thankgiving like at YOUR house?
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    we are starting new traditions i guess since mom moved downstate last year and we lost her mother in Aug. this year ill be traveling for thanksgiving to be with my family but as for food we have turkey and dressing mashed taters sweet taters[yuk] cranberry sauce oyster dressing,green beans ,and the usual pies ive still got to call the brothers and find out if im gonna smoke the turkey or if mom is going to burn i mean bake it in the oven

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    Tanya, it sounds like your in my family.:smile2:
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    Sounds like im in Tanya's family too! Every year my sister makes my very own pecan pie, cause one year, she only brought one, and I ate THE WHOLE THING. I was very sick for the next couple of days, but I still love my pecan pies.

    Before my Uncle Bob past away a few years ago, he had a place in Savannah Missouri with horses. He would always saddle them up and let the "city folk" take turns riding in the pasture. I miss those thanksgivings the most of all.

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    Pennsylvania Wi
    We all congregate at my dear GrandMother's house and split up into 2 groups...The Football fans huddle around the TV and everyone else around the kitchen to talk about the years happenings. Everyone eats and and files out back for a smoke!..LOL
    Table fare is as follows: Turkey, Goose, Cranberry stuff, baked greenbean caserole(with those crunnchy onions on top),gobs of stuffing, baked corn, Smoked Ham, Smoked Salmon, All sorts of cheeses and an assortment of pies like Shoofly pie, Pumpkin pie, apple pie, strawberry pie, cheese cake, applesauce, cider (hard & reg.), smoked cavier with crackers..yummm, alot of other stuff too. Not much booze cause we dont drink but sometimes toast to something here or there! Typical bavarian style dinner rules.
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    Just to be different we dont do turkey on thanksgiving. We like to get the kids together and put a front quarter (deer) on the grill. If the river isnt frozen over we then go on a boat ride and enjoy being together.

    The rest of my family thinks we are nuts because we dont follow tradition but I figure tradition is overated.


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    1st of all welcome Brother Ken your going to like it here, its full of good people!

    we do all of the eats but, but after dinner some of us end up in our camo going to "drive that ol corn field" that really dosent mean hunting. More like going out in the woods and taking a nap.Some watch the football game,some eat! we all get back about 4:30 and start to eat again.ohh I love turkey day.. smokey
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    for the most part, we're not much different than anyone else. before my dad passed 5 yrs ago, we did the huge family gatherings at my parents house every year since i can remember. special requests were usually pecan pies and mashed taters, but since then things have been shook (this year) it will be small...i suppose we are starting a new tradition. it will be at my house, my mom and her boyfried will spend it in murfresboro, ark. at the diamond fields, my brother will be on an oil rig in the gulf of mexico, my husband and son will be in the woods probably first thing, it will only be the four of us and my brothers wife and 2 kids. i'll to the turkey and dressing, sweet tater patties, mashed taters(for my sons request), peach cobbler, cranberry sauce, english peas, and what ever the 4 yr old will eat since shes a lil picky right now. my 14 yr old daughter has learned to make pumpkin pies last year so we will have one of those for sure. We will be puttin up the christmas tree thanksgiving day(since my best friend has challenged me this year on the decorations)ha ha, unless we hafta skin and process a deer or 2, the deer will take presidence over the decorating. and whatever i do, im NOT going shoppin the day after.
  9. Ol Man

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    The best thing about Thanksgiving is the leftovers...:cool2:
    Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere.
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    Our family goes from home to home for our get togethers the family has gotten so big no one could stand it every year but i must admit i like it my house for the leftovers
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    deep fried turkey n football!
  12. MR SANDMAN 800

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    Just gather at a relatives house, watch football, and eat some great food
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    Pennsylvania Wi
    FUnny story...Once my uncle John found some mushrooms in my cousins coat in the coatroom and for some unknown reason he ate them!!...Well, in a hour or so later he said he think he needs to go and needed me to drive him home!! Oh man was my aunt ticked off..Gram was cofused and I was rollin on the ground laughing! I should mension that his son Matt is a Mycologist too so I guess it wasn't that unusual to have mushrooms on his person but not usually the trippy kind though..:lol: :eek:oooh:
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    Seasons change throughout life, I guess. Seems like it was only yesterday that I was still up North with five kids runnin underfoot while I was trying to make a traditional family feast of turkey, gravy, stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberries and pumpking pie. My now ex husband and his dad and brothers would always be out deer hunting as they seldom shot a deer during opening weekend. In Wisconsin, deer gun season starts the weekend before Thanksgiving and ends the weekend after. The guys would come home in time fot a great meal with me and the kids then they would all act like stuffed turkeys themselves. LOL. I always loved having a glass or two of Mogan David Concord Wine...that was my personal tradition. lol

    Now though, when Thanksgiving rolls around, my children have all grown and all have familys of their own and are still up North. I prefer to go home at Christmas time, so generally do not for Turkey Day. Instead, I work at the nursing home caring for the elderly. It is amazing how many families do not come to visit them during the Holidays. Sometimes I wonder if people think they will live forever and do not realize how life really is too short, and how it can change with just one heartbeat. After working all day, I will come home and make a quiet meal for myself and will talk to each of my kids on the phone. Then I will reflect and be thankful for all the good things in my life...and will end the day praying for a man with a boat to come into my life...LOL


    Our 3 kids and thier mates plus 8 granchildren and 4 of them have mates and 2 great grankids are here for most holidays. The one thing we do different is when they all arrive around 11:eek:clock the kids all strart yelling that they are hungry so about 20 yrs ago we started having coffe and desert as soon as evryone gets here. Italways seemed that everyone was too full for pie after dinner and we don't eat until about thre so that took care of two problems at once starving kids and left over pie(now we don't have many left over deserts)

    Afterwards some watch football some play cards and games and always alot of spoiling the babies.

    Poor River Boy loves to have it at home because of the leftovers.
  16. guns sugar

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    Well we usually have the trukey with sausage stuffin, mashed taters.,giblet gravy, candied sweet taters with pecans, green beans, pistachio fruit salad, relish dish, cranberries,deviled eggs, yeast rolls and ohhhh the pies! Pecan,,,, PUMPKIN for sure also apple, pecan cream pie, blueberry cheesecake and for the kids, chocolate silk pie.

    Afer we are finished with our supper we go outside and play ball with the kids and have some fun while its still nice out,,,, and if we are lucky and it snows in these mtns we have a snow ball fight... only happened once since ive been here lol. Later we end up in a penochle tournament! Thanks Tanya for a good thread!! Everyonr have a wonderful Thanksgiving! God Bless.
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    Tanya, your meal is about the same as Betty's except she makes cornbread for her dressing... but you may do the same. We don't do any singing later for no one in our family could carry a tune in a box. After eating it's usually nap time for the men or a good western on TV.
    I'm with the Ole Man, I can eat those left overs until gone with no complaint for I love all that turkey day food!
  18. metalman

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    I don't know if you can call it tradititon as we have only been married since '01 but Thanksgiving usually goes something like this:

    1 month before, Invite sister and brother in law's family to our house because sister can't cook.Tell them to be at ours by 12.30pm

    The night before,Prepare all the veggies, dressing, desserts etc.

    Day of, Get up early and put turkey in oven.

    Throughout morning, Start cooking all the sides at the appropriate times.

    11.30, Call sister's house and remind them lunch is at 12.30.

    12.00, Carve Turkey.

    12.20, Mash potatoes, remove hot sides from oven and start warming plates.

    12.25, Get call from sister that they are just leaving house.

    12.26, Say to each other "They do this every dam year"

    12.27, Put sides back in oven.

    12.27--12.55, Do what we can to keep everything hot without spoiling.

    12.55, They arrive all smiles.

    12.56, Get sides out of oven, reheat gravy.

    12.57, Inlaws turn TV on and fill their plates.

    12.57--1.45, Eat way too much because I am so hungry because I had breakfast really early when I got up to cook turkey.

    1.45, 3 idiot nephews start wrestling in family room, we roll eyes.

    3.45, They say "Well, I guess we should make a move"

    4.15, They leave.

    4.16, We start cleaning up.

    5.15, Everything clean and put away.

    5.16, I say "Remind me again why we do this". Wife says "I like to cook and they are family"

    5.17, I pour two big glasses of wine and we laugh about it
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    Victoria, Texas
    Gonna be going pheasant hunting with my dad and brother and then a big family get together. Turkey, Ham, the works with lots of family.
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    Thought maybe we could get a few other folks to weigh in on this topic. Thanks! :smile2: