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    my name is charles i was introduced to this site by my brother vern and since ive been here iv made alot of freinds even met one of the members in person as most of you know i met him just recently and purchased a boat from him . his BOC name is Rsimms hes a good man in my oppinion sold me his old boat. my brother and i went down to richards house in chattanooga and picked up the boat last sunday only cost me $75 for the trip .when we got there and pulled in the drive we both where supprized by the size of this boat (i know it aint huge) but to two guys fishin out of a 14 starcraft it appeared as the titanic lol thought we'd have trouble pullin it but as it turned out the boat (we aint named it yet) was lighter weight than we thought it would be and there was very little tonge weight thanks go out to Rsimms ...... cant wait to meet more of the ppl on here looks like i'l be at that kenlake meet this summer. buying the boat keeps me from goin bass fishin in canada this year lol rather be catin antway lol
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    sounds like you got a good boat. enjoy the fishing