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    I want to thank RivercatSC for coming out and fishing with my buddy Mark Young and myself Thursday while were visiting the SC coastal area.

    James gave us a tour of Winyah Bay and showed us how to get around the area. He took us through the maze of creeks to some remote locations to catch bait, and put us on some nice sharks and rays out near the jettys.

    If you have a chance to fish with RivercatSC, LISTEN TO EVERYTHING JAMES SAYS!!! He gives out lots of clues about what is going to happen!!! :smile2:

    Here is an examples; he asked me, "how shallow will your boat run". This means we were going to sandblast some paint off my lower unit and prop on a sandbar in one of the creeks!!!! :smile2: Yes, I am not the master of navigating winding tidal creeks!! We don't have those on Lake Wylie!! :smile2:

    Another good one, "when we head out across this flat whatever you do don't stop and don't look at your sonar". This means you are going to test the draft rating of your boat as you skate across 12"-14" of water. Like a child I looked at the sonar, but there was no way I was stopping!!

    Here is a really good one; James said, "we got caught in some HEAVY rain yesterday!!" This was my clue that RivercatSC is one heck of a fisherman, but he don't need to be applying for a job as weatherman at the Weather Channel!!! We had one heck of a ride in torrential rain accented by lightning that included a stirke a 1/2 mile from the boat!! :eek:oooh:

    Had it not been for the wall cloud, torrential rain, lightning, and 25 yards of visibility it would have been just another boat ride, but instead it is a story I will tell for years!!! :smile2:

    In the end it was a GREAT ADVENTURE and what fishing with friends is all about! :wink:
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    I AGREE 100%, James IS da man!! When I came to the BOC, I discovered the peedeecatmasters group. James taught me 90% of all the knowledge I have pertaining to the "proper" way to catfish. He is always ready to share knowledge, holding nothing back. He is an asset to the sport and the community of catfishermen. Folks like James are few and far between.

    Bill in SC