Thanks to fireman

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by catfish kenny, Oct 24, 2007.

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    Last night me and my brother was comin out of my garage and couldnt help but to notice the sky was lit up and there was alot of smoke witch only means bad news,Well two blocks away a construction out building was a blazing inferno and we arrived the same time the fire dept. and this thing was up ,there was alot of small explosions and as fast as it went I realy wander if it was foul play:confuse:I was told that the owner is in deep financial trouble and this aint the first time by someone else watchin......It sure was amazing though... watching our fire dept in action ,them boys on the fire dept deserve a big pat on the back and thank you that is fer sure .THEY HAVE A TOUGH JOB
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    Like you I think they need a big pat on the back.They have a hard job to do and risk thier lives each time they go to a fire.same as police officiers.Neither get enough PAY for what they have to go through and put up with. And to think I wanted to be one when a lot younger.Hats off to the fireman and police officier.