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Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by 1mickymoo, May 22, 2009.

  1. 1mickymoo

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    Edgerton, Kansas
    A while back I read a thread where Bubba was disgusted with the way a thread was going, he said he would no longer answer questions on the BOC. Well, I haven't asked any questions, but, reading posts I noticed that he is still helping people out, just a Big Ol' Thank You Bubba, I personaly are glad you're still helping folks with their problems.
  2. ShilohRed

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    Shoot My old buddy Willard is one of a kind. He will give you any info he can. He is one of those guys, that the world needs more of. I hope Bubba keeps on giving the right answers. I have seen post where he gives the info out that someone needs. Then they turn around and ask the same question again being they will not fix it right. I think thats part of the issue on him posting. It has to get to him. Passing along what needs to be done. Then have someone not even take the info.
    Willard keep up the good work.:wink:
    Also Willard hope were camping again in a few weeks.

  3. CountryHart

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    I've never seen Willard be anything but nice and extremely helpful. I'm in the process of putting kits in the carbs of a 75 johnson stinger and probably need to buy a manual to get it done. Regardless, i agree, thanks for all you do Willard.