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    Work will be taking me to New York Tuesday for a couple months, and then to Chicago for an extended period of time, so I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Capt Hugh Self for all he has done for me. As most of you know I have been working for Capt Hugh as a first mate, learning the James River and fishing with Hugh both as a friend and tournament partners for the past year and a half. A true class act as both a legendary trophy blue catfish guide and as a friend. Proof of Hugh's abilities are in my blue cat album on here. Without question, the best of the best. Would also like to thank all those river rats I have met through this forum, Ramon, hope you beat that 66 soon! Mike,Kenny that side imaging fish finder is cheating!!! (I hope to have one soon) even you madtom...... just too damn many others to list here. A great group of guys all through the Virginia section. I will be taking a couple rods to New York with me with 10/0 circles baited with a whole gizzards in hopes of gettin me one of those ellusive New York City Sewer Gators! Thanks again Capt Hugh and April Lynn (his better half) for everything!! Semper Fi, Jason
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    Well it looks like your coming here to chicago right around the time I will be heading to VA. If by chance you get to chicago before July (which is the time I expect to be leaving), hit me up. I was born and raised here, and have been catfishing spots within a decent drive from the city for a few years now.

    I cant put u on fish that compare to those in the James, but we get flatheads on the Fox River throughout the spring and summer in the 20-30lb range, blues about the same size from local lakes, and decent channels if youre hungry!

    Semper Fi

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    Jason its been good having you around. I'm sure you absence will be felt by more than Capt. Hugh. Good luck and be safe in your travels.
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    Tupelo, MS
    Good luck in your travels Jason. I've learned some good things from you and good luck on that Sewer Gator. If you need some more bait let me know and I will send you some.
    See ya on the flip on the side. Let me know when you head back down this way.
    Tight lines and sreaming reels to ya.
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    Wow Jason, you're leaving us. We're really gonna miss you man. I learned so much from you and when I crack 70 or 80 you'll bethe first I call. I think I'll miss you more than Hugh :) thanks for putting me on all the fish you have, showing me all the techniques and spots, the tackle and teaching me how to hold a fish for the camera lmao. Stay in contact man, NY is only 6 hours away, if the Gators aint biting I know you'll take that trip down. By the way when I come to Chicago to visit fam, we will hit the Mississippi in Rock Island, its about 2 hours away. Be safe man, tight lines
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    Sorry we didn't meet but I want to thank you for all the great reports you have shared. Good luck in NYC.
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    Jason will be missed, no one works harder on the boat than him,well known in Ohio for his flathead fishing and now well known on the James for catching some of the biggest blues in the last year. later buddy Capt. Hugh
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    Good luck to you,