"Thanks" or no thanks? Is this a good feature?

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by jeremiad, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. jeremiad

    jeremiad Well-Known Member

    At first I really liked the new "Thanks" feature, but I'm not so certain now.

    I have noticed that, especially in some more controversial threads, it appears that individuals are thanking those with whom they agree with, as if choosing sides in the fight (I admit to being guilty, too). Is this effective in establishing brotherhood?

    At other times, I note that the one who posts a new thread goes through and thanks all responders, really without consideration as to whether or not the post is really helpful.

    The "Thanked nn Times in nn Posts" information doesn't seem to add up (at least to me) and adds unnecessary clutter to the posts. The reputation feature is now diminished in meaning and usefulness as well.

    The reputation feature has always provided a great way to send a short note of support to another member--in private. Plus, their reputation was raised correspondingly so that the their helpfulness on the forums can be easily gauged (within reason).

    How do others feel about this?

    If you would like to thank me for this post, just hit that little blue box in the upper right... Thanks! :haha:
  2. ka_c4_boom

    ka_c4_boom New Member

    you have made a good point , im on my way back to see if iv thanked without good reason and i believe i still have the option to remove such thanks , sorry if i thanked any one and hurt anothers feelings

  3. Stumpknocker2

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    NW FL
    I have just been using the thanks for jokes and for people that answered a prayer request mainly, or if a valid point is made, and if anyone answers my theads I start, whether I like the answer or not because I normally ask for opinions. I rep someone when to me it really gets my attention or touches home about something. Alot of times it wont let ya rep someone so I give thanks. But I do miss getting on and seeing where a person has repped me, now I see I get them but dont know where from. Just my input.
  4. Catgirl

    Catgirl New Member

    Joel, it may BE that individuals are, at times, thanking those with whom they agree. If someone has made a post that expresses your views, why wouldn't you want to thank them? That is helpful to ME, since on occasion I have an opinion I would like to share; but perhaps don't feel like composing/typing a post on that particular day. I have also "gone through" one of my threads and thanked all responders. Why? I asked all the NC members to prove our support for the BOC.. My individual thanks to each of the posters was to show my appreciation that they did.

    Glenn, rep you have received is no longer shown at the top of the opening page beside your avatar; however, if you click on User CP, you will still be able to view all of the comments folks have sent you. :smile2:
  5. eggman

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    Jefferson City, Missouri
    Well, in my most personal and humble and fair and snooty opinion........I think we could get rid of all the bling...yep boot the thanks, rep, and gold coins. Its like who can be the most popular kid in school.....whoop dee doo!

  6. shelbygt1979

    shelbygt1979 New Member

    Olathe, KS
    I am with you Eggman. I think this is about fishing and rep points should be given out to those of us that cat the biggest/ most fish or so on not giving rep to people that say there stories and don't have anything to do with fishing.

    P.S. Eggman this is the real Catmaster's Brother and it was nice meating you in person at the national.
    I told geoff you said hello, He told me a couple of liver stories about you Hahaha.
  7. Phil Washburn

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    Shawnee OK
    after watching it for a day or two, i believe that the feature permits some to read something into a post that they didn't mean. if a post says more than one thing, and i agree with only one of the topics, the next guy may think i agreed with something i didn't.

    i vote we go back to reps only. as was stated, we can at least put a line in about what we agree with.
  8. Catgirl

    Catgirl New Member

    Hey man, Doug said that thanks, rep, and gold coins should be GOTTEN RID OF in his opinion; not that they should be reserved for threads/posts pertaining to fishing only. Gees Shelby, giving rep points to the people who catch the biggest/most fish would be EXACTLY like who can be the most popular in school. It would also be extremely discouraging to the younger members and/or new catfishermen who came here to LEARN; who have as yet to catch a big 'un or have a big numbers kind of a day. If you wanna be in a fishing contest, sign up for a tournament....either an online tourney HERE, or one on a river or lake in your area of the country. Then you'll win $$$ instead of rep points :smile2:! This isn't only a catfishing website, it's a family. We're all brothers and sisters who enjoy a wide range of conversation topics. Certainly no one demanded that you rep someone for a story that isn't about fishing. That's YOUR choice, bro. :wink:

    Joel, I do have a comment for you also. If you prefer that your approval of a post be kept private, by all means, continue to use the reputation feature. I am, I do everyday. Nobody expects you to use the thanks feature unless you so desire. Thanks and reputation points are just two different levels of the same thing. At times I appreciate someone's post but don't have a specific comment to make. Personally, I don't mind the rest of my sisters and brothers being aware of that fact.....just my two cents :smile2:.
  9. r ward

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    Kathleen G
    This is a feature that I think when used as intended { to thank someone for a post that you like but have no comment about] then it will work great rep points are good if someone has shown that they deserve a mark up on the reps that is my opion and only my opion
  10. jason454ci

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    Zanesville, Ohi
    Not another one of these debates. Seems like this one got beat to death when the rep points started. You know what I don't recall one person dying because of the rep points. So I honestly don't think the thanks feature will kill anyone either. lol.
  11. fishinpals

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    Virginia, Illinois
    Don't some in America believe that he who has the most toys win?