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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by MRR, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. MRR

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    Recieved my Looper Rigs today.Boy that was really fast service. Didn't know what to expect when I ordered them,but from what I see now I really like them. Only problem is I won't get to try them before the weekend. Sure gonna give them a good workout during the Tournment Sunday. Thanks Loop they really look great. will be ordering some more soon as I find out which ones I like best. But they all look good. Thanks Again !!
  2. teaysvalleyguy

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    GC, OHIO
    They are the best rigs for holding stink bait John. You will love em brother.

  3. Cheryl

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    I showed mine to my oldest brother tonight. He is 68. Said he had never seen anything like them and "whew, that stinkbait will kill you." was his words. LOL.

    He then told of luring fish with a cedar tree, which I am sure y'all have heard of.

    He couldn't believe that you have to wait for a houseboat slip now. He had one under/near the bridge some 40 year ago. He was a cook in the Navy years ago in Amarillo, TX. Actually it was in 1958, the year I was born into this world. I believe it was and he still can cook up some great grub today. It was good to see him, even if it was a bad time for reunions.

    Take care.

    P.S. Loop, I'll get to trying them as soon as life slows down for me. Thanks!