Thanks for your Prayers.

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by kbgrillin, Aug 11, 2006.

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    First of all, thank you for your prayers. Heres one for ya. On the way to Indianapolis, we broke down on the interstate in s. Illinois. Smoke rolling out from the vehicle. It was transmission fluid. We hadn't been paying attn: to where we were at so we could'nt tell the state police on the phone. Finally after 1.5 hours on the side of the road, A guy stoped to help and told us where we were at. Police showed up, called a tow truck, and we were on our way to get it fixed. It was a broken clip on the hose to the trans cooler. No big deal. It gets better. Left it at shop to get repaired, went to get a bite to eat. When we got back to shop, shop foreman said, "Do you believe in GOD?) We said yes. He said it was GOD that got us there. We lost 8 qts of trans fluid. When they were fixing the hose they noticed the tie rod was lose. NOT GOOD. There was only one thread left holding the tie rod in place. If it had came loose, I might not be talking to ya'll right. GOD made the hose come loose to get us to pull over. I truly believe that. GOD works in mysterious ways.
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    Glory to God.


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    Glad yall made it home safe, sounds like God was definatly watching out for yall.
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    You most certainly had one special passenger riding with you that you didn't know you had. Isn't the power of prayer the greastest.