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Thanks for the prayers!

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Just wanted to let the Brotherhood know that the custody SNAFU I've been asking for prayer for two months about has been resolved. The judge listened to all the evidence presented by Child Services and the District Attorney today and dismissed the case in it's entirety without prejudice.
My GOD is an awesome God and I thank each of you that offered up prayers for those prayers and to acknowledge that the BOC
is the greatest place in cyberspace. There are few, if any, places in the real world that can contribute to our lives as well as this Brotherhood does.
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he is my God also, what a mighty God we serve..glad to hear of your good news, my friend
I'm glad to hear that,I knew it would work out in your favor.

Mike that is great news my friend. Maybe now you can get some rest. Your faith in GOD did not go unnoticed my freind..

We serve a mighty GOD who's powers are unlimited...
I am really happy to hear that. There ain't much worse of a situation that a person could go through. Very good to hear you got through it all right.
Mike: I am happy to hear that. I know it is a big load off your mind. Maybe now peace will reign in your castle.
That is just awsome news hoss!
Mike thats the best news i've heard today,glad it worked out so good.
Glad to hear all is well Mike. The power of prayer is awesome.
Thank you lord,for answering our prayers.Mike,I am so happy for you and your family.This is truely great!
Thanks great news Mike. I'm so happy everything is working out for your family.
Mike ...Glad to hear the great new's.
Are God is a Awesome God.
Mike,this is fantastic news buddy, thanks for letting us know.

All things work together for good to those who love The Lord and are called according for His purpose.

Our God is able to deliver us and He is an awesome God!
That's great news Mike. I'm happy and relieved for you. I know you have been under a tremendous amout of stress with all this. There is some justice in this world.
Mike, congrats! That is super. I just want to warn you not to throw away any documentation or information you developed for, or used in the hearing. It caught my eye where you said it was dismissed "without prejudice." I think that means the judge left the door open for family services, etc. to refile the case. So keep that in the back of your mind. Make some notes of anything that you would do differently if the issue ever came up again. Any issues that were raised that were news to you, etc., so you can prepare even better if they do try again.

But for now, enjoy.
Perhaps I stated it wrong. The judge explained it and called it "without prejudice" in that DHS CANNOT come back and re-file unless there is another incident of "abuse or neglect" real or alleged.
I never doubted that my kids were innocent and that GOD was in control.
As Mr. T would say, " I pity the fool that tries that again." :D
Hey Mike,God is good.Im so happy for you and yours I know it was a bad timr in life But it is the bad times that make the good tines so GOOOOD.Now maybe you can come go fishing with me and Derek????I called the other day but you where at work,Give me a call when ya can.God bless you Brother.. Pat........
Glad to hear the good news brother. Sorry that all went on but glad it's over now all you need is a nice long fishing trip to clear your mind alittle.
Good news indeed Mike, Congrats buddy. Hate going to court, but sometimes that is what is needed.
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