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Discussion in 'Alternative Methods of Catching Catfish' started by longliner, Aug 28, 2009.

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    You guys and gals have made me feel at home here. Thanks. I'm glad I found this place. Thanks for the tips too. I put cleats and a clip on my boat this morning. Me and Little Mama are headed to the lake soon as the rugrats get out of school. Made my first batch of homemade soap - gonna give it a test run. I'll catch yall next week. Good Luck and Good Fishing.......Dewayne:big_smile:
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    De soto, Kansas
    We do what we can! Lol

    This site IS pretty sweet!

    Where ya launching at? I'm planning on hitting clinton lake kansas this sunday morning for a trotline and rod n reel in the sticks for bass and gillz for bait.