Thanks for the help @ Rosie,

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    Hi Guys, just a quick thanks for the help and tips on Rosie. Had to come home a day early, Dad was having some leg issues but he is fineand we all had a great time.
    We hit School House Monday morning for bait with no luck on 'gill or carp but did catch 3 chanels. Dad had a heck of a bite and lost his pole off the dock ! Soooo... Funny look on his face. :eek:oooh: After a dozen cast with a big salmon snaggewr I had from Alaska I caught his pole & fish but it had wrapped up in the brush and busted off. Still got the pole.

    Mike and Rob helped us get set on salt, thanks,beautiful spot.
    cought some 'gill along with some bass, one was 3lbs on a tip of worm and bluegill rig ???
    Setteled in for a night of fishing with not much action but for
    2 skunks :crazy::crazy:and a racoon.:confused2:
    Hit Indian Point Tuesday night, just off the ramp. Spent the whole night there ,action,(more than skunks) started at 11P.M. with the bites continueing until 3 A.M.
    (Skunks like this boat dock also)

    O.K. Guys now it your turn to let me know what I was doing wrong....:embarassed:
    I was fishing with live 'gill 4"to 5" hooked through the eyes. Great tip Rob,they do stay alive all night.
    The bite would come quick and hard but no run then back for another bite.
    Almost like trout fishing....I tried letting them take it . I tried setting quick.
    All with about the same resultsNo Cat and often a chewed up or 1/2 gone 'gill. I went from 8/0 straight shank to 12/0 circle hooks. Still didn't hook a fish for more than a turn or two of the reel.
    What's your thoughts??? Channels maybe ? Fisherman error, most likely...
    Anyway had a blast meeting some great folks,seeing beautiful country,
    spending time with my Dad & Mom while they are still here and just knowing that next bite might be a monster flat. Who can ask for more than that. We'll be back...:big_smile::big_smile::big_smile:
    Thanks again, Jay (swampbuster)
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    1/2 gone gills are most likely attributed to turtles, especially if they are cut in half like someone did it with a knife. Flatheads have that huge under bite and it is unlikely that they can bite a bluegill in half. Usually when you get hammered by a flathead, your gill is destroyed, mainly missing scales with a little meat showing. The hook through the bluegills eyes, I was taught by overkil. I always hooked carp that way, but overkil straightened me out! LoL. Sounds like you did everything right, unless you tried to set the circle hooks.
    You did nothing wrong, we all have caught fish at both spots, the flatheads just did not want to cooperate! Next year come out from June to Sept, give us a little warning, and we will get you in a boat, and fish Roosevelt, and the Upper Salt like no one's business, and hopefully get you a flathead.
    If we don't do good there, we will hop in my truck and hit the Gila River for one night (construction should be over, and road should be open). As long as San Carlos fills up with more water so they can shoot more water down the Gila, it will be good. It has not once let me down. Even it is a few fish from the 5-10 pound range, although we have caught some really big ones there. Glad you arrived home safe!!

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    Hello Jay, Glad you and your parents had a nice trip and made it home fine. I sure wish you would have had some action near Eads wash the first night. That spot looks to good to not hold some cats. I am glad to hear there were some runs the second evening. We will keep in touch and hopefully get you on some fish your next trip. It was a pleasure meeting you. Mike
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    Like Rob said, the only thing I would question is setting circle hooks, you don't want to do that. When I fish with circle hooks, which is mostly for channels, I put the rod in a holder with the spool engaged. They will set the hook on themselves.
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    yeah i agree but the wierd thing is that the hooks always seem to find the corner of there mouths