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    thank you so much for all the kind words and prayers.I cant tell you all enough
    how much it means, and has all ready given me peace.One thing I do know after reading all the responses ,prayers and thoughts,.The BOC is a welcome placsefor me because I know in my heart that all of you out there truly care about Steve, that so many organizations,people in our world todayare your best friends,close and caring,But in the last 2/1/2 years since Steve got severly injured on the job,we have accepted the fact that friends dont call anymore, friends dont come by anymore,and it is really sad because I'm talking about friends that are as close as family for over 25 years are gone..It doesent bother Steve so much as it has bothered me,not only did he need these friends more threw the recovery period, but I was alone, not that I minded taking care of him, because it was my decision to bring him homefor recovery,so it was over a year battling and calling friends to help in some way as far as sitting with hime for a few hours so i could rest, maybe bringing a covered dish once in awhile.after the first month no more calls, no more visits.Guess they felt it was a bother,or I dont really know,anyway afterall that, 2 years later we get a computer, mainly because it would help us pass time.Steve Found The BOC, and knew he was where he wanted to be, and I am so thankful not just for myself,but for how the BOC has helped him in so many ways.When a brother or a sisteris always there, with a kind word, a little ditty to make him laugh,and just letting him know that he does matter,and that thoughts, prayers,and concernes are honest and sincere.Thank you just doesent seem to be enough,but, thank you for giving me backmy husbandI had 2 1/2 years ago.The sparkle is back in his eyes and the joy is back in his heart. From my heart, I love and appreciate yo all..thank you.

    I would like the head of the series to know that the medication that Steve is on is very strong , it makes him very drowsey, and he is having a hard time with this weeks challenge because he says he cant seem to concentrate and things are fuzzy.Aside from his injuries, he has copd, there has been an awful strain of flus going around and Steve and I have been cinstantly sick for about 8 weeks,partly because i dont have medical so I couldnt get anti-biotics, so we just keep passing it back and forth,3 days ago he got sick again, but this time was the worst by yesterday his throat and glands were so swollen, he couldnt move his tongue because it hurts so much and almost couldnt swallow at all, his breating was so labored that I was up all night watching him, because i wanted to take him to the E R, but he wanted ti wait for morning, so we did.His oxygen level was at 67 % on arrival,they gave hun a nebulizer treatment right away, that helped, took X/Rays because they thought that he might have phenomia, but thank god he doesent. Because he is on cumadin. its real hard to get medications that dont affect that, but the doctor said that he is so sick.she cant take the chance and had to come up with a plan for medication to help him, even thow it is going to mess up his levels,it was either that or another hospital stay, and he doesent want to do that, so the doctor just told me what to watch for ,too watch him close, and if he got worse to get him to the ER,so he started the meds yesterday afternoon,syated up most of the night and watched him, his breating is better, his throat is not as bad as it was, and he can now swollow liquids, with a minimal amount of pain. I watched him last night when he was trying to work on the questions, he is a little frusterated because hes worried that he is going to be voted off if he cant do it, and said that he was still going to try.My opinion is that its better that he doesent do this one because even if he does try to do it, he is so drowsey and fuzzy(as he calls it LOL), he is going to get them wrong anyway, .I really think that he needs to forfiet this round I need some directions or help from the big guy, let me know okay. Thanks again to all Tinlizzy
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    The BOC is a better place because of members like Steve and yourself. Prayers will continue to be sent and just hollar if yall need anything.

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    Bless your heart Beth, you surely have a load on your shoulders. Judy and I will continue to pray for you both and may God keep His loving arms around you both.
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    Glad to hear he's doing a little better, we'll keep you both in our prayers.
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    Thanks for the update.You all need anything,PM me.I hate for my buddy to be sick!
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    My heart goes out to you and Steve. I surely hope he begins to feel better very soon, and that you, my dear, can get some rest. Tell Steve not to worry about the Survivor Series, everybody will understand. We will continue to pray for you and send many positive thoughts your way. I believe the first paragraph you posted on this thread would be a wonderful testimonial to the BOC, and I'd like to see it transferred to that forum. You hang in there Beth. We're all with you!