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    LeClaire, ia
    Thought i would take a moment to thank you there Mike. I love your method of fishing and am glad that you have shared your information.

    I had the afternoon off and planned on going out on the miss. My fishin bud was off work (construction) due to the weather and he went out and got some shad in a pond we get em in now. (he has never been a believer in shad fishin, always talks about how many we could get on stink. It is time he graduates though).

    I am not a fan of sittin on a hole or what have you waitin for a bite with shad. I fish a lot of bobbers here on the miss for the most part of may and june. This trolling thing is right up my alley! We fished from 1 to about 5 this afternoon. Ended up boating 5 fish, (lost #6 at the boat cause the first troll, we had no net) which aint much, but the weight was. 2 were about 4-5#, 2 were about 7-8# and one was a hauss. guestimating about 12#. all on camera and back swimming. (not digital, i lost ours a month or so ago.) We did lose some good hits and got snagged a few times with that rig. I need to find some good floats and proper hooks. Any suggestions? Seemed we got all the bites around the depth coming up as we trolled (at the head of the holes) Fish were caught in 16 feet and about 22 feet.

    Anyways, thanks again. I owe you a beverage or a spot in my boat sometime. Dave.

    P.S. My fishin bud is now a believer!
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    hey dave if you go to that is the exact rig that mike uses. the floats he gets some where down in missiour and the hooks are 8/0 frenzy circle hooks. he takes eight 1/4 oz egg sinkers and strings them up for weight. i use a 1 oz egg sinker and 8/0 gamakatsu octopus circle hook, also will be using the same float. my leaders are 3 foot long with the float about 6-7 inches from the hook. hope this helps, by the way this is the information that mike passed on to me.

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    I tried to order these floats and " Pay pal" kept jerking me around. Without Pay Pal my credit card orders zip right through. PP wants #s I never heard of or ever used so transaction locks up. There must be a better way. primitive