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Discussion in 'LOCAL KANSAS TALK' started by River Outlaw, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. River Outlaw

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    Topeka, Kansas,
    for the past week i have been really busy helping Amber, my 2 sons mother, with her terrible situation. her husband Joe "Joe Bob" Beier's life was takes at the bar at 21st and california. there have been some really hectic days since then. on top of that i lost my job just the day before and have been walkin to her house to help. she has been left w/ 4 children and no source of income because he provided for the house with the car lot that got taken from her by dirty dealin people. i do all i can & so does Chris (her middle boy's dad). just a bad situation all the way around.
    Tom has been tryin to get ahold of me all this time but we could never find a time to meet up. we met up today so he could give me a couple poles to replace the poles that got stolen recently 1 being my son Leeland's.
    we (Lucky, Pete & I) get to Tom's house and had a great BS session bout fishin no less. after about 30 min or so he goes to give me the "couple poles" and picks up this bundle of rods & reels. i tried to tell him i cant take all them and he told me i could in a way that i knew i wasnt gonna be able to argue with him on it. he is a good size ol boy :crazy:. after we get them poles in the truck he then starts pickin up other items that he says im gonna take too.
    i'll tell you what.... i have not been treated like that in quite some time. he went above and beyond on "bein nice".
    Tom, i cant explain how much i appreciate what you gave to me today. i know Leeland will be elated to know he has more than 1 fishin pole now. you have brightened up a dark time for us. again, the most sincere THANK YOU possible goes out to you.
  2. arkrivercatman

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    Yeah, Tom is a great guy. I believe that he would do sometihng like that. Not too many left in the world like that. Its nice to know you are back in gear, now you gotta go get some fish and set up your gourmet outdoors kitchen and cook Tom up a batch of some cats.:wink: Sorry to hear about the tough times JJ. That was a crazy week for you. Things will get better. Now you can go to the river and forget about all that crap for awhile and catch some fish. Tom, you are one hell of a guy. That was above and beyond.

  3. Catfish Fever

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    Wside, Mil
    J.J., there's a post on another thread, can't remember where I put it last night. I have a Shakespear spinning reel for Leland to replace the one he lost. Sorry I didn't have a pole to go with it, maybe I will by the next time I see you.
    Sorry to hear about all the problems, wish you well and hope things work out for you.
  4. brother hilljack

    brother hilljack New Member

    Shelbyville, TN
    Another example of the BOC taking care of its members. I am proud to be a member
  5. n2fishn

    n2fishn New Member

    JJ i'm just happy that i could help you out a little during these tuff times you and your family are having.
    Those are some very kind words you gave me and i kown you are very apprective and that makes me fill even better.
    Hope things get better very soon so you can get back at them cats.

    Take care my freind..
  6. uttatoo

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    greatbend kansas
    i forgot is it ok for a boc brother to cry because i think i want to
    good job tom and jj good luck to you in this mess of a year we have had
  7. CountryHart

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    Bad things happen to good people. The good thing is that the BOC has some fine folks who are willing to extend a friendly hand during these times. I'm sorry for the personal problems your family are faced with but i'm glad you have friends like Tom.
  8. BIG_D

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    Batchtown IL.
    :0a27:i am verry prowed to be a part of this group of fine guys and gals
  9. Katatonik

    Katatonik New Member

    Ogden, Kansas,
    Brother, I'm truly sorry for your hard times. You are one of my favorite
    people. I hope that helps some. Wish I could do more. I, too, am prowd
    to be a Kansas BOC member! Tom, you da man.
  10. KC Jayhawk 78

    KC Jayhawk 78 New Member

    Kansas City, Ks
    Tom , that was awesome of you to do that. :big_smile:


    Alma Kansas
    JJ sorry to here that things all went sour all at one time:sad2:. But with the with greatness of Tom giving some to gear for and your son maybe this will be a start of better things to come. Hope to meet up with you again and BS.

  12. Kansas Tree Rat

    Kansas Tree Rat New Member

    Waverly, Kansas
    Hang in there JJ. Nice to know there are guys like Tom out there.
  13. catman4926

    catman4926 New Member


    sory to hear all the bad news, I admire you for helping out your EX and may God bless you for the good things you do and I will pary for you in this matter
  14. just a redneck

    just a redneck New Member

    jj, sorry to hear about your luck and i an glad somebody could help i dont have much but if u ever want to hook up again and go fishing i will buy the beer and the bait, it would be my honer, jj is still the only member i have met face to face and when i did we got skunked but u wouldnt know it by his additude, taught me alot i didnt know about flatheads, and gave me an airrater to keep my bait alive, and is just some fine company, thats impressive for meeting someone for the first time. good luck i hope things get better for ya
  15. River Outlaw

    River Outlaw New Member

    Topeka, Kansas,
    thank y'all for the kind words.

    to make things worse for Amber......

    the day me & Lucky left for the delaware she called to tell me "they" cut the lock on the back gate and stole 3 cars. also, broke into the shop and took all the tool boxes she just got back from the car lot, all the kids mini bikes and other misc. stuff. they probably would of took her boat if i didnt take the lock off my trailer to put on the boat trailer. she called the cops but i think we all know what thats worth.
  16. Big Vic

    Big Vic New Member

    Sounds like one hell of a mess jj hang in there bro.