Thank You VETS!

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by H2O Mellon, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. H2O Mellon

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    I havent seen it yet, but Thank You to all the vets & espically those that arent able to be here for giving the ultimate for their country, for our freedom!

    Hope I dont bore the guys I've already told this to, but I'm proud of my cousin:

    My cousin and 6 other guys went on a mission less than one week agao to destination "X". They took on small arms fire as soon as the chopper landed. He got shot twice, one in the thigh, the second a little higher, the 2nd guy got hit in the shoulder, the 3rd guy took one in the spine. My cousin is 22 or 23 years old. He'll be spending his Veterns Day in a hospital in South Korea, but it's men like that that I owe everything to. (All 3 men survived, but out of the 7 of them 3 took bullets.)
  2. FS Driver

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    i'll say a prayer for them tonite .
    sorry to hear they got hurt ,
    but glad to hear they made it out of that alive.
    i thank them also and you for shareing that with us.
    prayers will be sent for their families as well .

  3. Dreadnaught

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    If by chance you get to talk to your cousin tell him Ol'JW says thank you for his service to this counrty and defending our freedoms. I am also glad he made it home.
  4. Aquacat

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    Sherman, Texas
    a special thanks to all vets who have ever served our great country. My family thanks each and everyone for our everyday freedoms! We proudly support all of your troops. God bless the USA! :)
  5. fwmud

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    Wilson's Mills,nc
    Well, as many better than me can say, we passed the torch, a long time ago.
    I always get a knot in my throat, when the news comes on. I keep seeing some many not coming home.
    yea sometimes I get a little more high strung than normal about our vets.
    I'm glad to see they all come home standing up.
    From one to another,Job well done!
    God bless these and all our boys overseas!
    (this applies more now than ever)
    if you are on the recieving end! hehehe
  6. H2O Mellon

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    Just heard from my dad, he said they were having a small USMC get together my uncles Bar/Club. I guess I did not realize that today was the USMC's birthday . I think it meant more this year (they have a get together every year) since my cousin was in jured (my dad is the closest relative, next of kin, etc....) I really enjoy hearing all the vets & former armed service mbrs talk. A few years ago I was at a high school football game & in the restroom my son (4 at the time) ran into an older man wearing a Pearl Harbor survivor hat. I told my son to ask the guy what that was, I think the old man appriciated that. I have more respect for that generation (WWII) than they will ever know. That took bravery & courage, I am so proud of them , not to mention those who served afterwards, but for some reason the WWII guys just have a special place in my heart.

    As my dad & uncle like to say: Semper Fidelis
  7. Believer

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    Greenwood, AR.
    God bless your cousin & every other person who have EVER worn our nations uniforms. I greatly appreciate all they give up in the pursuit of freedom & I get sooo tired of all the lies that are being told in our news media regarding our soldiers & government!!!!!!!!!! :cursing:

  8. brad kilpatrick

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    Kansas City
    Mellon, Glad to hear that your cousin and the others made it out alive. He will be in my families thoughts and prayers.

    Thanks to all that have served this great country in our armed forces. EVERY single one of us owes a debt of graditude to our service men and women.
  9. olefin

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    H2O Mellon,

    God Bless your cousin and the other guys. Glad to hear they are all safe.

    I too, thank every veteran and especially those serving today.

    My next door neighbor in TX was one in the first wave to hit Omaha Beach on D Day, WW11. Since then his outfit would have a reunion every year in different states all over the USA. He talked to me a few years ago about every year their numbers were getting smaller. He had never missed a one but last year he died. So this year his wife attended the reunion in his place.

    I think the old soldiers reunions are great. I was recently notified by a old USAF fighter pilot about a yearly reunion for service people that did time at the old Thule AFB in Greenland.