Thank you paul for your service.

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    Thank you paul for the time you have served and the risk you have took for us all and the terms of duty you took with pride i might not get to make here as much as i use to being also a pool player now i have went on to become a 4 time back to back 8 ball champion if i count in the last championship it would make it five time.

    I hope your doing well you have always been one hell of a guy please never feel the risk you have took the time you have gave and served and the things you have done for us all sre unnoticed.

    Im sure many will let you know here what you have done and the rish you have took are not unnoticed i make this thread for one reason to thank paul.

    Cause the first person who hit my mind this morning when i woke up was paul please stay strong paul and know in ya heart we love ya brother and we thank you.