Thank You Brothers!!

Discussion in 'LOCAL OHIO TALK' started by jason454ci, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. jason454ci

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    Zanesville, Ohi
    I would like to thank each and every brother and their family members that made it out to the gathering this weekend. I sure do appreciate that you made the time to spend the weekend or to just stop by for awhile. Especially consider the short planning and re planning that when into this one. Tony would have loved to met all the members that he didn't know and talking to those of us he did know. I for one am glad that Eva saw to it that Tony was there and his wishes were taken care of. That's all I will say about that. It was great honor to have Eva there and to have her share such an event with all of us. Thank you very much Eva. I am also very pleased by all the brothers that generously gave donations to help out a fallen brothers wife. Thank you for helping her.

    It was great to meet quite a few members that I haven't got to yet. Some of them drove a few miles to say the least. With the gas prices the way the are I was very surprised to see them make the trip. Big Dave wins the honors of coming the furthest all the way from Virginia. Thank ya Dave for choosing our little gathering to attend.

    Also thanks to all the local members for coming out. As always I had a great time seeing and talking too all of you again. A huge thanks to you Loanwizard for accepting the chef position, the MC job, and handling the donations. Also for taking me out on your boat during the memorial service for our brother Tony. I appreciated that more then you know.

    Sorry to the guys that missed part of it do to scheduling. I do apologize for that. But we also didn't expect Eva to come out and share such a special moment with us. That was very last minute.

    In the end I hope everyone had a great time meeting with each other and wetting a line or too. Thank you everyone for making this short planned memorial gathering a success. I am sure Tony is proud of all of you for being there.
  2. 72hdflh

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    West Salem, Ohio
    Glad I was able to make it. It was good to meet people in person and to be a small part of it all.

  3. cats gone wild

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    canal winchester, ohio
    Had a great time at the gathering this weekend. It was good to see everyone and to meet some new members. Had fun fishing with Slow Boat Friday night and watching him catch fish. Saturday the was a great day of fellowship and good food. Thank's to Jason454 for organizing the event , to Loanwizard for his fine grilling, and Catbird for taking me out on his boat to catch some bait. Saturday night I caught a 26 lb. flathead on a bluegill, that was my only fish for the weekend. It was geat to take part in such a special gathering. I hope everyone made it home safe and can't wait to see you all again. Thank's again. My computer is in the shop now. When I get it back I will post pics of the fish.
  4. hunted

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    washington court house,oh
    yep,it was nice to meet all of you.thanks to loanwizard for the grillin,and smokey for the and my son had a great time.we are looking forward to doing it again.
    and a thanks to big dav for taking me and my son out on his boat,he had a great time,well for about the hour that he was awake anyway,lol
  5. RamRod

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    Thanks Jason for another great gathering!:big_smile:
  6. Big Dav

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    Thanks for everything Jason. I am glad I decided to drive up for the weekend, it was worth every hour and mile behind the wheel.
    Thanks again for the hospitality and fellowship.
  7. KatfishKyle

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    Wayne Co. Ohio
    I also want to say thanks to all for everything. Definatley worth the 120 mile trip to meet such good people. It was good putting faces with names meeting in person. thanks again. KatfishKyle.
  8. slimdaddy

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    Nelsonville, Oh
    thanks jason for putting this together it was great meeting everyone looking forward for the next one the wife [nanan] and i had a great time with such great people thanks again
  9. catfishrollo

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    thanks again jason for all the work and time spent to get this thing together... you are the man!! rollo