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    I caught my first flathead, WOW!!! state record, first thing is, that i am a novice and new to flatheads and some people think i have not paid my dues, they are probly right, but yall paid them for me, with all the info i have learned here i feel like ive been fishing for them for years, so thank all of yall who have ever posted on this site not just ones who have responded to my posts, i have read all the posts, also would like to thank Andy Mock from Ludawici for his tips and time, and Ben Poppell my fishing partner who dared stick his hands in the monsters mouth to pull him into the boat. although i am new to flatheads i have been fishing that river all of my life for channels and redbreast,the story is on another thread i will try to paste it here. forgive my spelling as i am not much of a typer and am working on about 3 hours sleep in the last 2 days,and the adrenaline is wearing off, i will try to answer any replies or questions, cause yall have all taking the time to answer mine..... thanks again...


    The state-record for flathead catfish has been broken. On Thursday, June 22 Carl Sawyer of Screven pulled a monster catfish out of the Altamaha that weighed 83 pounds — smashing the previous record of 67-lbs., 8-ozs.

    Carl and fishing buddy Ben Poppell of Jesup were camping on a sandbar and catfishing. Thursday evening they were fishing an “undisclosed area” near Jesup and had hit one hole before moving to set up on a hole 15 to 17 feet deep near a downed tree. Carl was fishing with an Ambassadeur 6000 spooled with 50-lb. braided Spider Wire. On the business end of the line he had hooked a hand-sized bluegill on a 7/0 Eagle Claw Circle C hook. The bait was held down by a 3-oz. bank sinker.

    Carl chunked the bait into the hole and set the bait-clicker on the reel. At about 9:30 p.m., after only a 10- or 15-minute wait, the reel began to click.

    “When I pulled, he pulled back,” said Carl. “I told Ben that this was a big one. Thank God that he went toward a sandbar and not into the tree. He was out in open water away from any snags where I could play him.

    “When I would get him close to the boat, he would make another run,” said Carl. “I had the drag as tight as it would go, and he was still taking it with him. There was nothing I could do. If I had used a bigger reel, I would have broken the line. It was fun. There wasn’t a lot of moving and fighting, it was just power, sheer power. He went where he wanted to go, and I would reel in line when he let me, and then he would pull it back out again. He went where he wanted to go until he wore himself out.”

    Finally, after about 15 or 20 minutes, the huge fish played out and came to the side of the boat. It was Ben who put the 54-inch-long catfish in the boat.

    “Ben got it in,” said Carl. “I brought the fish alongside the boat and he reached down and put both hands in the fish’s mouth and used his weight to flip it into the boat. As soon as he did, he said, ‘That’s an 80-pounder!’”

    Carl and Ben immediately went looking for certified scales. They broke two 50-lb. scales before getting a weight of 83 pounds on a cotton scale.

    The next morning the weight was verified on certified scales by WRD Fisheries technician Chad Sexton at 83 pounds even.

    Heather Altman, executive director of the Wayne County Tourism Board, said the Board is going to pay to have the fish mounted so it can be put on display.

    The day after the catch, Carl was back on the river fishing for flatheads.
    “I don’t care about the record,” he said. “If is was broken tomorrow, it was still fun. I don’t care about all that. I am still a novice at this. I have only been fishing for flatheads four or five times. I probably just got lucky and hit a lucky hole, but you’ve got to go to catch them.”

    Carl’s new state record follows by a month the disqualification of Gene Middleton, who held the previous state record for flathead catfish. Middleton entered the Wayne County Catfish Festival tournament May 20-21. With two fish totaling more than 80 pounds, he stood to win nearly $8,000 but could not pass a series of three polygraph and voice-stress tests administered by the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department. His failure to clear the lie-detector test had cast a shadow of doubt over the state record
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    Great job! like you said cant catchem if you dont fish for them.Congrats Bro

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    CONGRATS on the very,very nice flattie!!!!!
  4. ryang

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    Great Job Carl if you ask me there is no dues in fishing, if you go out there and fish then you have just as much of a chance as anyone else and you showed them. Tight lines Bro now break the record again :big_smile:
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    north carolina
    congradulations on the state record. now you have a great story to share the grand kids one day. how deep was the water where you got the fish?
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    Congrats Carl on setting your states flathead R&R record! As KCcats said..."REP THIS ONE!" Rep given and deserved.:big_smile:
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    Makes me darn proud to know you brother!!!WTG
    This one should stand for a long time, Congratulations Carl!!!!:cool2:
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    Now - you know that "You Are The Man Now!:boss:

    It's going to be a long, long time before anyone comes close to that one, "Congratulation Buddy"!

    Now That The Way To Come Into The B.O.C.!

    Take it easy,
    Bert:cool2: & Shaina:0010:
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    Congrats on the great fish, I am happy you found useful information here on the BOC.
    Hopefuly you will hold this record for some time and if I may ask for your help, please in your future interviews tell everyone you about the Brotherhood of Catfishermen. I feel we may have failed you by not explaining how concerned we are about the future of this great fish, we all need to encourage new members to help us get the word out,thats one of the main reasons for this board. As a record holder you have a chance to get the BOC name in front of the public.
    What you learned here is not why you caught that fish, That great fish is all you and you can be proud of that. It's one thing to learn maybe where fish are or maybe a better bait but when you get a monster on like your fish it is your knowledge and skill that lands the prize.

    You are a true Flat Master.
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    Congrats on the state record, glad you have come to love this site as many of us have. Spread the word about the BOC when you have the oppertunity. Good luck on the water brother.
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    man o man first flathead and it was a record!!!!
    awsome man
    cought my first flatty this year a bit under 5 pounds and i was pumped about that little guy
    10 posts and 305 rep thats another record probably
    congratz man keep at it
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    Congrats..thats a sweet fish!
  13. catmanofohio

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    Aberdeen (Southern Ohio)
    Btw i dont remember seeing.. if posted b4 sorry for missing it... was it catch and relese?
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    Sounds to me like you had better pick up some lottery tickets dude!
    1st flathead and its the biggest ever in your state?
    Man, what a deal!
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    Congratulation Carl All of the Brothers/Sisters are very Proud of you Sir Im sure! And I cant emagine what a rush it must have been. Way to GO!!! Bigcatman0816.
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    A state record is a great way to start. Congrats and many more Flatties in your future.
    I do have some questions for you about the Altamaha, but they can wait until things get settled down.
    Once again congrats.
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    congradulations brother...the only dues you have to pay is to have a love for catfishing and i think that you have now paid in full
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    Walter Flack
    Carl, congrats on your record catch. Well done brother

    TIM HAGAN New Member

    Carl way to go man I just talked with Luke Clayton He does the ACATS radio show and the Catfish Now Magazine. We would love to have you on the show and have your story in the next magazine. I send you a PM with his email and phone # if you would give him a call or Pm me your number and i can have him call you. As all the members will tell you this is a great thing and it would great to get it out for all to enjoy. We would all love to hear your story on the next radio show and see some great pic's in the magazine. Anything i can do to hook you up with luke just let me know. Hat off on a great catch and anybody who said you didnt pay your dues is just mad that its not their fish.
    I think you will find most all the members here are very happy for you.
  20. shortshank

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    Man what a thrill that had to be!! Congradulations! Thanks for sharing your state record first with us.