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    Glad to see Hornady hold off the Buschwacker.... I like Hornady, back in my military days before I retired on one of my trips to the sandbox, 2003/2004 I think?? I was sitting eating chow one night about 8 p.m. after a long day. Next thing I notice is all these familiar faces walking into the chow hall....took me a minute to rattle my brain into realizing who they were.... it was Ron Hornady, Jack Rousch, Richard Childress, Johnny Sauter, Jeff Hammond and Geoffe Bodine... It was great, there was hardly anyone there, not crowded at all because no one knew they were coming in that night, very casual. Got all their autographs and talked to each one for a few. Hornady is a real nice guy. Talked some with Jack Rousch about his near death experience in an alabama lake close to here, talked to Childress some and let him know how much I enjoyed the years watching Dale. It was great that guys that busy took the time to come visit the troops... Something I'll always remember and appreciate...:cool2:
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    Walter Flack
    I was surprised Kyle didnt wreck him on the restart.