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    OKAY, you can start laughing now:smile2::smile2::smile2: but how do you rig a worm Texas Style ?
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    I'll try to draw a picture in your mind. I'm no artist. Take your hook and push the point about a qtr of inch into the head of the worm. Bring the point of the hook out the side of the worm. Now pull the hook down the side of the worm all the way to where your line ties to the hook. Turn your hook inside the worm and align the worm straight. Re insert the hook point back into the worm until you can feel the point ready to exit the oposite side of the worm and you have a texas rigged worm.(Weedless) You need a med/med hvy rod to make a texas rig work well. I hope this will help.

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    One other thing, unless you're really finessing it, you'll want to slide a bullet weight up the line before attaching your worm hook. The weight you use depends on the depth of water, amount of current, and whether or not you've got a lot of weeds to punch through. Sometimes the weight will get hung up in vegitation and seperate from the worm and not travel through. In this case, I'll either "pin" the weight in place, or use a "slider" jig, that is a worm hook with a a built in bullet weight up front. This keeps the seperation from happening, but the drawback is that the fish can't pick up the bait and run freely without feeling the weight.
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    Mickey and Conrad:

    Great tips, guys. I also use a medium heavy rod for my worm fishing - a flimsy rod prevents a good hookset. I also use a small sliding bullet weight on my rigs. It can be fished almost anywhere.
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    Great tips and I like to use long rods like 6'6 or 7 foot for Texas Rigging too. They pick up the worm higher off the bottom of the water.