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Discussion in 'LOCAL TEXAS TALK' started by slimepig, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. slimepig

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    Kerrville Texas
    i need info on camping at the texas city dike. from what i gather, it is a 5 mile narrow manmade dike with beach on one side and rocks on other. no facilities other than portopotties.
    is it a fairly safe campin area?
    is there wood layin around for campfire?
    permit or fee to camp?
    saw a rumour of an outdoor shower?
    fish safe to eat?
    crowded during week?
    any info and tips will be appreciated.
  2. Wildchilde01

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    Not sure about building a campfire as most beaches now look down on that , but not on bringing a grill or firebox however.

    While I haven't been in a few years there where nothing but port-o-potties and one showerhead (not enclosed) there.

    Permit cost us 8 bucks and was good until december of that year.

    No glass containers

    At the time plenty of specs flounder and sandtrout, and good eating on all of them.

    I do have a friend in texas city, I should see him tommorrow when he does a delivery for me at work. I will pump him for current info for you man

  3. uptoolate

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    Canyon Lake, Texas
    I really don'y know much about it, but have heard it is really good fishing. I used to go there to get bait. I think there is an advisory on trout and jack, something like a limited consumption (so many meals of such and such portion per week/month) advisory. Never heard anything about not eating the fish though. Check that out, I could be wrong.