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    Any info. on Texana? Thinking of going somewhere new.
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    Kerrville Texas
    sorry, cant help ya much. been to texana state park a few times. Great camping there, but found out you really need a boat to do any good fishing. I fished off one of the piers by campsite 215? and caught fingerling channels almost as fast as i could bait up. evidently theres some big fish in there; woke up just after sunup one mornin to fish off pier and found a freshly cleaned approx. 30 lb bluecat carcus in the trash can at the fish cleaning station. someone mustve really been in a hurry cleaning it cause they left about 3 lbs of meat on it. so we had fresh fish fer breakfast that mornin, lol. ive heard its good fishin below the spillway of the dam, but dunno if theres access or not. theres also another park across the hwy from the state park, with marina and more campsites. they used to rent out john boats, but i dunno if they still do. good luck.