Testing Longshot Powder 40 S&W

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    I worked up some loads for the 40 S&W for 180 grain Rem Golden Saber bullets. I seated them with an OAL of 1.130 which put the so called "driving band" inside the case mouth, but seating it flush with the case mouth made them a quite bite longer than SAAMI standards, but looking at some boxed factory ammo, they ro have the band below the mouth and crimped on the narrower part of the bullet. At any rate, I used Hodgdon longshot powder and used data for 180 grain Hornady JHP starting at 6.7 grains and working up to 7.6 grains..Definitely a bit "spicier" than boxed factory ammo. but zero pressure signs and they feed/ejected flawlessly..Below is the chrono results from 7.6 grains. Pretty impressive speed and accuracy was on par with XTP's..Hodgdon lists 8 grain as max for the Hornady JHP, but I didn't go that fsar with the Golden Saber.