Testing D-cell batteries

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    I was looking for someone to show me a way to test batteries. I have kids, and well you know what happens from there. I have a multitester but honesty don't know how to use it much. I mainly need to test D-cells. I'm also researching batteries . To my surprise Rayovac batteries meet or exceed the copper top and energizer bunny.
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    Actually, the easiest thing to do is buy a gadget that looks a lot like a multitester, but is specifically made to test batteries. Set it to 1.5v, touch the red probe to the positive end of the battery, and the black probe to the negative end. If the needle stays in the red, dispose of the battery; if it goes into the green, it's good. Just watch out for rechargeable batteries; They may test good even when they're discharged.

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    Step 1. Plug black lead into negative (-) port on meter. This may also be called "common".

    Step 2. Plug red lead into positive (+) port on the meter. This should also be marked DC V or DC Volts.

    Step 3. Use dial to set to DC Volts. If you have multiple DC Volts settings, try for one that is between 3V and 5V.

    Step 4. Hold black lead to bottom of battery.

    Step 5. Tap red lead on top of battery while you watch the needle. If the needle moves backward, you have positive and negative reversed. If the needle goes all the way to the other side, you need to select a higher voltage. Adjust accordingly.

    Step 6. Once adjustments in Step 5 have been completed, hold red lead to top of the battery. For a non-rechargeable battery, this should read at least 1.5V for a good battery.

    -- Rich

    P.S. For a quick test, you can check pairs of batteries using a flashlight.