Termites in my FIRE Wood, HELP!

Discussion in 'Garden Tips And Talk' started by Wally, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. Wally

    Wally New Member

    Just noticed LOTS of sawdust under,my stack of Mesquette fire wood. at the rate they are going...I'll have nothing left next fall!!

    HELP PLEASE !!!!
  2. tkishkape

    tkishkape New Member

    Gore, Okla
    Wally: That's the nature of mesquite... termites love it. Once you got them, all you can do is use it as soon as you can. Stack the wood away from your house.

    With your next wood, wait until you're ready to use it before buying it... then require green wood. It's better for the smoke flavor anyway. Once it dries out or "cures", the termites will seek it out.

    Don't try to fumigate the wood to keep it bug-free... it won't work. All that will happen is to make yourself sick when you burn the wood.


  3. Dreadnaught

    Dreadnaught New Member

    Wally, I think that those pescky termites will cook up just fine, LOL!!!
    If you can, go and get some diazonon liquid to spray under and around the rick, they will go undergroung sooner or later and this will keep more from moving in also. Look in the area of the rick that has the dust under it and work your way to it from the top, trying not to disturb them and make them scatter. Find the logs that are infested and burn them. I would also call a pest controll expert to spray around the house to prevent infestation in the house.