Terminal Tackle

Discussion in 'MARYLAND RIVER TALK' started by Prowler, Jul 21, 2007.

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    Hello Everyone,

    Hoping a friendly Potomac river catfisherman can help me out with some recommendation on terminal tackle.

    I am close to finishing up work on my boat in prep for getting on the water. Want to start picking up the tackle that I need for some of those bruiser blue cats and some eating sized channel's.

    What tackle would you recommend for each?

    Also my plan was to have two rods out on the boat with big baits (cut shad/white perch etc) and use two rods for baited with chicken livers or shrimp for the channel cats. I was planning on finding some deep holes in the Ft Washington area and fishing those... will I be able to have a shot at the bigger blues and channel's in the same area or do I have to pick and choose which I want to go after?

    Thanks for any advice.