Terminal Tackel- Hooks/Sinkers/Line/leaders/Rigging's

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  1. all_4_Flatcats

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    Cincinnati, Ohio
    What do you use?


    I mentioned in a post that Have only been fishing the river about 4yrs now. I use a 7' Ugly Stick heavy action Tiger Rod (I bought 2 think their more for a boat thought not sure) With a Cat Max Reel and A 12' Heavy Action with a Cat Max w/ 40lbs test Cajun.

    I'll be going after the real big dogs i need ideas on heavier tackle...

    PB's on the Ohio River 29lb Blue and 36lb Flat they maybe small compared to some of you guys but it was a thrill for me and I'm proud of them.


    Can anybody recommend any other set ups?

    P.s. I just seen this show today over at my brother he tevoe'd Sunday River Monsters on Animal Planet he was going after the Wels Cat(Was attacking people like a gator kinda). The Guy On there gave me a lot of ideas which made me decide about going after the real big dogs as soon as I heal after my back surgery I had 10 day ago.
  2. all_4_Flatcats

    all_4_Flatcats New Member

    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Question @ Top in Italic: Meaning what is everybody else using as far as line, sinkers weights. rigs?

    Mybad realized I had a typo up there, might not matter any way just thought I point that before being called a dumbass since I couldn't find 40lb test cajun line. I have 30lb test on the Tiger Rod. I was a sleepy the mornin when I posted this......

    P.s. I'm called a dumb ass a lot...LOL!

  3. kitsinni

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    I like those catmaxx rods from Bass Pro with an Abu Garcia on them. I prefer the 6500 C3 myself. I use smaller hooks than a lot of people here I like the 5/0-6/0 khale hooks and I use the least amount of weight I can get away with. I use Berkley Big Game 25LB test.
  4. catfishrollo

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    Here's what I run....

    1. Abu Garcia 10000 Big Game reel/ 40lb. Berkley Big Game Mono/
    St. Croix Classic Cat Series rod 8' Heavy Power / Mod-Fast Action

    2. Abu Garcia 10000 Big Game reel/ 40lb. Berkley Big Game Mono/
    St. Croix Premier Series rod 6'9" Heavy Power / Fast Action

    3. Abu Garcia 7000 reel/ 30lb. Berkley Big Game Mono/
    St. Croix Premier Series rod 7'6" Heavy Power/ Fast Action

    4. Abu Garcia 6500 reel/ 65lb. Power Pro Braid/
    St. Croix Premier Series rod 6'6" Med/ Heavy Power/ Fast Action

    5.Abu Garcia 6500 reel/ 65lb Power Pro Braid/
    St. Croix Premier Series rod 7' Heavy Power/ Fast Action

    6. Shimano Triton 200G reel/ 40lb. Berkley Big Game Mono/
    St. Croix Premier Series rod 5'8" Extra Heavy Power/ Fast Action

    7. Abu Garcia 6000 reel/ 30lb. Berkley Big Game Mono/
    Berkley E-Cat #4 rod 7'6"

    8. Abu Garcia 6000 reel/ 30lb. Berkley Big Game Mono/
    Bass Pro Series IM 7 rod 7' Extra Heavy Action

    9. Shimano Bait-Runner 4600/ 30lb. Berkley Big Game Mono/
    Eagle Claw Spinning Surf rod 11'

    I am experimenting with Cajun Red mono this season as well, but still think Big Game will be my favorite.
    I like Gamukatsu Octopus Style hooks in the 8/0-10/0 range also for fishing for flatheads and channels as well. Been tinkering with circles, but don't like them for flathead fishing.
  5. Wabash River Bear

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    I'm using Berkley Big Game 40 lb mono (solar green), Berkley Vanish 50# fluorocarbon leader, SPRO #5 120 lb swivels or SPRO #1 115 lb 3-way swivels, 2 to 8 oz no roll or egg sinkers, and Gamakatsu (Octopus, Octopus Circle, Big River), Owner (SSW Circle), or Matzuo (Trophy Kat Sickle) hooks in an assorted range from 5/0 to 12/0.
    My rigs are Catfish Safari Flathead rods, 8' med/hvy, teamed up with Abu Garcia 7000ics Pro Rocket baitcast reels.
  6. Bomberman

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    Spring Run, PA
    8' Cabelas King Kat rods with Ambassadeaur 6600 reels loaded with 60 lb Stren superbraid. 60 lb flouro leader with an 8/0 circle hook. That's how I roll! :smile2:
  7. all_4_Flatcats

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    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Just went to Bass Pro Shop pick up some new things earlier and picked up

    Trolling Weights -2 8 oz. / 1 12oz ( Don't Think That's getting cast too far just bought it to have it)

    cajun Red Lightnin' 80lb

    Cajun Red Lightnin' 50lb as leader material. I make my own ( I learned using the 30lb test doesn't hold up to snags well. Would rather lose the hook instead all the tackel)

    Mustad® Demon Circle In-Line Hooks - 6/0 ( I like to set the hook too people. I use khale
    as well)

    Bass Pro Shops® Pro Qualifier® Ball Bearing with Split Ring (5 stainless steel ball bearings in each end for smooth rotation and virtually no line twist)

    Just bought a Bill Dance ( Sure I'm gunna get feed back from you guys on this) River Combo to try out.

    Just finished re-lining my poles You can see I'm going a little heavier this year. My brother just bought a 1989 Monarch 27' ( In Excellent condition new motor the whole 9 w/ Trailor) we plan on going to places w/ heavy structure and fast moving water and nice size eddy's in comfort. He told me this mornin he got a boat and I told him I'll see when I get back from. BPS...
  8. Mickey

    Mickey New Member Supporting Member

    Rollo that is some heavy duty equipment to just fish Pay Ponds.:smile2::smile2:
  9. smokey869

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    i use abu garcia 7000ic3 and abu 6600 lever drags, i have 2 nite sticks i normally use one 9 foot heavy action and an 8ft with med heavy i use for boat or bank, i like the longer rods for casting and in the boat to be able to steer biggger fish away from anchor lines or the motor-prop areas i normally run 25lb big game on all , normal hooks are 8,9, or 10/0 gamakatzu octopus hooks not circles
  10. 1mickymoo

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    Edgerton, Kansas
    Abu 9000 BG's , 7ft XH Diawa Beefsticks,

    Abu seven combos

    Abu 6500 C3, CL3, C3 Rocket two on 7.5 MH catmaxx and one on a 7.5 Moyer Boss #4

    Abu 6000s on 7.5 H Bass Pro Power Plus trophy series

    40# Big game on the 9000 and sevens, 30# big game on the 6500's and 30# fireline on the 6000's

    Leaders are different strengths and length , as with hooks. "bertha" in my avatar was on about a 2 ft leader of 50# Big Game with a 10/0 King kahle

    I use Kahles, circles, octopus, octopus circles, and big river(gama) hooks almost exclusively.

    examples, drifting lake fer eaters, 36 ish leaders w/ 20lb mono, 4/0 or 5/0 octopus circle

    big river blues 12 ish leader w/ 50# mono and 8/0 oct circle or 10/0 or 11/0 kahle

    many variations depending on the situation, good luck