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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by oh no, May 31, 2006.

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    Boy I just got back from TN and the fishing was rotten. I caught more Bass than Catfish. Went down on the 19th and came back Monday. Tryed jugs, and rods and reels and trotlines. We caught tons of shell crackers and lots of 2 - 5 pound bass.

    We tryed everything for bait [ nightcrawlers - garlic chicken liver -Zote Soap- and cheap hotdogs soaked in Kool Aid. You folks are not going to belive this but those Ekrich hot dogs- the cheap ones- turkey- chicken and pork- 99 cents a pound on sale, soaked in Kool Aide with sugar, looked as good at the end of ten days as they did to start with with. Hey folks that is with no refrigeration on the boat, just staying in a container in the boat. LOL LOL :big_smile: :big_smile: I wonder how many perzertives are in them. lol lol

    After I got home my little Honda rototiller ruinted the gear case and my computer died. lol This is a new computer, just picked it up today, boy its silly. It has some sort of blue metalic finish that you have to use these gloves to clean. Hey it had the longest warrenty. lol lol It even has some stupid lights on it. My old one was just a plain white case.

    I had to get another rototiller at Menards to do the garden this morning. Boy I should have just stayed here and worked. But boy it was nice. I did not even take a watch or a calender. I was gone/lost and enjoying it.

    I hope every body else has had good fishing.

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    Pat Chaney
    Jim, sorry about your bad luck :angry: Usually, Kentuck lake is full of fish & cats everywhere. Maybe you just hit it the wrong time and/or not at the right spots. I went up to Lake Barklay (right next to Kentucky) 2 years ago with my wife & hired a guide for a day. He took me to some spots that I would have never found on my own, and we caught cats all day in the blazing heat!! Hope that you have much better luck next time :roll_eyes:

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    Hey you got a new puter, look at the bright side. LMAO