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    Ithaca, MI
    The other day I put an editorial in the local community paper. Since then, Ive had 15 or so folks tell me around town that "its about time someone said something". Ive also had a few VERY ANGRY people come to my work and get nose-to-nose with me. Here it is word for word. Tell me if you will- why someone would have a problem with it.
    Shame on Those who cheat the system​

    I work over at the Southpoint mall. I've been here just about 5 years now... occasionally staring out the window as I work. One thing I have noticed is how many people with handicapped rear-view hangers or license plates hobble into the Secretary of State office, get their tabs, and skip out gleefully, or occasionally hobble out of the office and as soon as they are out of view of the clerks, they SPRINT to their car to get some information that they forgot to bring in while they were busy trying to purposely design the way that they would fumble their way in.
    Am I the only one out there who notices this? How easy is it to get signed up for one of these "lazy-capped" plates or hangers, and how many of the actually handicapped people have to park and suffer in regular spots while otherwise healthy fraudulent people get to take up the close-by spots?
    Today I was almost knocked over by a woman who was running to her illegally parked car. People just like her park their car along the yellow-painted sidewalk and get their tabs every day. This one had a handicapped plate though. At first I thought she needed to park there... seeing as how the plate was a handicapped plate. Then I realized that the lot was nearly empty. Then when she nearly ran through me in a way that would impress Rod Marinelli, I realized that it was "another one".
    What can the average citizen do when we see blatant deceptive abuse of “the system” we have in place for those who truly and dearly need it? Perhaps we ought to issue another type of plate for them- one with a blue stick figure in a seat with a cone-shaped dunce cap on. Here's your sign! I cant help but think of my grandfather in these cases- who sometimes has to walk a long way with his cane because some system-sucker has taken a space rightfully earned by a man who endured WWII and carries lead in his body to prove it. Shame on you who do it, and shame on us all if we continue to let this happen.

    Sal Palombo Jr
    Ithaca resident, working in St. Johns

    Now yesterday a fellow came in yelling at me saying he has Multiple Sclerosis. I told him I am VERY aware of that condition as a family member of mine has it as well. This guy was very angry with me, claiming I "paint with a broad brush". I first told him that my editorial was against those that cheat the system, not him personally or anyone who is truly handicapped- as I mentioned it very clearly (I thought) in the editorial. That didnt help, so I figured the guy was just looking for an argument (Which some of you know.... Im good at those). So I asked him, "When you're in a good day and dont feel the pain in your body, do yu still park there, or do you police yourself and park ethically?" He said it was his right to park there no matter how he feels cause he has the handicapped endorsement. My answer to him was, "Yes it is your right, but I want you to tell me if it is right." He got furious and called me an a-hole and stormed out.

    So I turn it over to you- What do you think?

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    Sal I would give you props for it, great reading and so true.

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    Sal, I know what you're talking about there, but it won't change anything. :lol: How do you police something like that?
    I happen to have a handicapped parking permit, too. I probably appear quite healthy to most people, but I have a chronic, uncureable lung disease, and my doctor insisted I have one. On bad days I use the permit, but on good days when I am able to walk farther, then that's what I do.
    Lots of days when I fish, I can hardly walk up the boat ramp to my vehicle without being winded; other days I can do much better, but I have to pace myself, no matter what. Even when fishing, a large fish will tire me and I have to rest for a couple minutes to get my breath back. I don't use a handicapped parking spot unless I really have a need to do so, but I know there are a lot of folks out there that do. I know of a few people that use a sticker intended for a family member, even when that member is not with them. My conscience won't allow me to do that, or to take a parking spot from someone who may need it more than I do.
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    I think you're an a**hole...:lol: :lol: :lol:
    Seriously, though... I think, for the most part, handicap parking is greatly abused...
    Real Men always click on Yes to all. Always. ~~Penn

    JDWILLIS39 New Member

    Sal I thought your article was well said and so true. I have handicapped license plate and sticker but I try to leave the close spots on my good days. I always wonder when I am huffing and puffing past a 20 year old who is skipping back to the handicapped slot. I realise appearances don't show your condition. But the fact is the system is abused. Thanks for standing up.
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    We have someone in town that calls the police on the "cheaters". Fines here go to $500. If the car does not have a tag on it the pad comes out. If it does have a tag they drive on. It is up to the doctors and state to justifie giving the tags out here.
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    yeah the system is abused every day , theres not much we can do about it when the doctors aprove them . just frown and go on .

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Fine article Sal! I think it kinda starts with the gutless spineless doctors. They are scared to tell someone they don't require one. I know for a fact here in Jersey ya have to get a doc to fill out forms for the hanger. What gets me is when ya see the 400# person gettin outa the car. Did ya simply think about doin somethin about the weight? Its the American way. A complete lack of integrity and the rules are for other people not me.
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    Sal, NOTHING PI_ _ ES me off worse than seeing someone abusing parking in a handicap parking space. I have witnessed the same. Peolple running to their cars, or parking and then running into a place of business. I have friends who DESERVE the right to the space and are put out because of these a_ _ holes. I applaude you!!!
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    Vinita, Oklahoma

    Some of our local business's will call and report someone parked in a handicap spot if they don't have a tag.
    The police will also keep an eye out at the Wally World parking lot.

    What I hate to see is people pulling into these spots and some young person will be driving, and have a handicapped person in the passenger side.
    The young driver will pull out the handicap hanger and head into the store while the handicapped person waits in the vehicle?

    If the handicapped person is not going to get out, why do they need to park there?

    The system is very abused and the only way to help is to report the abusers.

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    If you could get one deadbeat to answer this question alone without their so-called ego being wounded you might get somewhere. Some people think that just because no one is looking the rules don't apply, or they consistently look for a loophole in the system. Religion, politics, it's all the same...Good post, and great post on the toy dancing pole in HI too brother...

    "The times they are a changing." - Bob Dylan
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    Vinita, Oklahoma

    I just love that one!
    The extra walk might do the person some good?

    My Mom passed away in 2000 from lung cancer.
    The last few months, when I would take her shopping, I would pull into a handicap spot (she had a sticker) and she would tell me to move on down a little and find another spot because someone else might need the spot?

    I didn't mind because it give me a chance to spend a few extra minutes with her that I wouldn't have had if I had parked closer?

    She couldn't walk much and was in a wheelchair, but she always thought of other people and didn't mind having to park a little further away?

  13. MRR

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    Sal I agree with you 100% but what can be done. We're always gonna have lazy people who likes to abuse the system.
    I have a neighbor who has one of those tags. My only problem with it is he has it because he can't use his one hand 100% ,nothing wrong with his legs,just his hands so he'll use his little ol tag go into store ,resteraunt or whatever and say he earned it. Thinks it's funny and laughs about it. My wife has one cause of a pacemaker,hip replacement,doc tells her to walk (yeah right) unless made too. Sometimes when with her I'll make her park somewhere so she'll have to walk some. So yeah they are abused 'but what can we do .Like Sal open to any IDEAS
    Back to the nieghbor I forgot to tell you he goes deer hunting ,works on his vehicles and whatever but he handicaped with the BELOVED TAG. I'm done gripping now.
  14. Big Sam

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    Booneville AR
    It is up to the doc in our state...what about the folks that borrow a window tag or the ones that borrow a handicap persons car...iv'e seen it a lot..good topic..tough to enforce the rules though...

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    I forgot to mention that I will confront you if the abuse is evident. People say who do you think you are doin somethin like that. Well I'm part of a personal movement on takein things back!

    A little tip. Keep some chocolate in your truck. Chew a piece up and get it good and slimy in your mouth. A big chocolate mouth full of phlem deposited on a door handle or windshield sends a strong message. LOL! Don't think I don't do it either. LOL!
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    Great post!

    My mother in law had Parkinson and we all tried to get her to ask the doctor for a parking permit but she refused... she said she didn't want one of those things on her car! She said she was ashamed of those things. And there wasn't one until she was in a wheel chair.

    It's not only the mirror handicap tags, I see plenty with handicap license plates here in AR that there is nothing wrong with them. Probably someone in there family is handicap but they think they have the right to use it ever time they go to the store, even if the handicapped person is at home. I see some that have handicap permits that should be walking instead of riding in the first place!

    Even my older brother was telling me that he could never find a handicap parking space for they were full of young people that didn't need them. Then he tells me he walked several miles the day before arrowhead hunting! :eek:oooh:
  17. cat tamer

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    Sal thanks for bringing up a topic that everyone needs to hear about more ofton. what pisses me off is too see handicap parking spots at a walking track and someone actualy use them or at a local mall when they park in a handicap spot and go in and walk around the inside of the mall for exercise.
    I know that there are many types of handicaps that qualify for a handicap placard but they should not issue them for the mentaly handicap. reps to you !!!
  18. Netmanjack

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    My question is about the need for the blue plaque in the first place. If a person is so handicapped that they need to park that close to a building, why are they driving a car in the first place? And why are they roaming all over walmart? On the other hand, a healthy person should be able to walk the few extra feet that the handicapped spaces take up. Or is this really a me issue? If Billy can then why cant I? Just trying to clear the water lol:eek:oooh::roll_eyes: :lol: :smile2:
  19. JAinSC

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    South Carolina
    Sal - I think your editorial was dead on and overdue. There are only 2 reasons that I can see that someone would have a problem with your comments (as I think it was completely clear that you were addressing only the cheaters): either
    1) They are too dim (read: mentally handicapped) to understand what you were saying, or ...
    2) You struck a tender spot and they are taking their feelings of guilt out on you.

    Keep up the good work.
  20. rebelzgrl76

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    I see people everyday take advantage of this 'right'. I have even seen young people, often younger than myself, take refuge in these handicap parking spaces. I honestly feel that you explained yourself well and also struck a sensitive nerve with some, if not most. The people that approach you, seem to feel as though they have to 'defend' themselves steming for a guilty consciences(sp?).

    You done nothing wrong but made something aware that might have in other words been overlooked.

    thanks for posting