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  1. reloader1220_270

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    north carolina
    i need to know the best way to trap bobcats and foxes but not them DERN POSSUMS :angry:
  2. CountryHart

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    Cats will work scent post pretty good. A good trapper i know told me the other day to fasten a pickle jar lid to the pan, and fill it with sand. Claims that every cat that passes will put his foot in the sand. Most of what i've caught were over deer carcass's. Gary post in this section alot and is very knowledgeable to the art.

  3. catfishcrazy256

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    Always used a dirt hole set on fox , dont know about cats
  4. 223reload

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    The best way I know to avoid unwanted catches at any set is to use a post set,Using pure urine of the intended target animal. I trapped coyotes from 1974-1990 and caught many coyotes and cats,Not one skunk and only one jackrabbit with post sets,I caught several badgers at my dirthole sets,I detest these things as the fur is worthless and they make your set look like a howitzer hit it. I finally quit dirtholes all togather and used flat sets,Just a vertebret with a wad of cotton or sheep wool,with a dab of food or gland lure on it. My catches improved dramatically. The less disturbance I think ,The better. Any food type lure can and will draw skunks and grinners.
  5. williambevels

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    cats loves a good old post a canine they use it to mark the area but the cat uses it a little different as they use them for a rubbing post. a good red fox gland lure works great for cats on a post and so will a good beaver castor lure.

    the most important factor when you are after cats you must set on sign and know the cats travel patterns .a cat can not be pulled away from the line of travel for any amount of cats hunt more by sight then smell (but don't count out a good lure) .then you must rely on plenty of site appeal at your sets.

    a good flashy trash mound set with nothing but red fox or cat urine will cut the possum catches down.

    as 223 stated any loud lure rather it's a gland or a food will cause you to produce possums and by almeans stay away from a tainted baits as this highly attracts possums.i place a gland lure on a 12 inch stake at the top by doing this i only caught two possums this season (was after a rain)which is not bad for running 150 traps per day.