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Discussion in 'ALL OTHER FISH' started by dburkhead, May 28, 2009.

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    Something I noticed recently.

    When I'm out fishing with a bobber and rigged so that neither bait nor sinker is resting on the bottom, the line "coils" putting slack in it that I have to take up before I can set the hook when I get a bit.

    I had been running several lines (Indiana law allows up to three poles and lines per person fishing) and it seemed that often when the bobber would, well, bob, by the time I got the pole in question, took up the slack, and tried to set the hook the fish on it would be gone.

    This past Sunday I changed my approach. I went to two lines--one rigged for catfish (no bobber, weight on the bottom, bait a foot or so off the bottom) and one with bait under the bottom. I'd cast the bobber line, then every so often, take a half-turn to turn on the wheel to take up some of the slack that develops in the line. Eventually, the bobber would work its way into shore and I'd cast to cover a different part or the water in front of me.

    When I've covered all the water in the area in front of me, I'd change the depth and repeat again. And when I've covered all the water at the range of "likely" depths, I'd move on to a different spot.

    Previous trips to the particular location, I'd usually bring in one panfish per outing. Get lots of bites, and the one that I get on the hook pretty much guaranteed of landing. Sunday, I got fewer bites total (fewer baited hooks in the water) but landed three white bass and one bluegill, all in the 7-9" size range.
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    David it sounds like you either have old line on your reel or was put on wrong. If your line is new and you have a b oat you can drag the line behind the boat and let it uncoil. If not take and stretch your line out and re reel it back up by running the line through a large book (Phone Book). Swivels on a line, once installed correct will keep the coil out. Good luck.

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    Also especially when using bobbers I would use circle hooks. The hooks will set theirselves with the float.
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    You must be using mono. A simple switch to braid would solve the problem