'Team Hardcore' is proud to announce...

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    that we are now affiliated with the Gateway Fishing Club's 'Team Nutroll'. Though we are still officially 'Team Hardcore', we are the Southeastern chapter of 'Team Nutroll'. We were recently officially notified by gpolce, that our application had been accepted by a 'Team Nutroll' vote. Our official call sign is 'Team Hardcore, Southeastern chapter 11 of Team Nutroll'. If you are not familiar with 'Team Nutroll', check out the Gateway Fishing Club in the tournament section of the forum. Scroll through the threads and check out the adventures, antics, and antecdotes of 'Team Nutroll'. We are proud to be affiliated with this group. :eek:oooh::crazy::eek:oooh::wink::smile2:

    Bill in SC