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Teal Season

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Opens tomorrow here in Missouri!!!!!!!!! Heading out to go film a buddy of mine's pro-staff for his video in South West Missouri in an hour. Lots of teal in the area, so hopefully I'll have a good report when I get back on Monday. Good luck to anyone else chasing them. God bless.
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Filmed them killing 8 teal on Saturday. Not alot of birds down yet, but the weather looks very promising this week. Put the camera down and we killed 11 on Sunday. God bless.
Birds have finally arrived in numbers!!!!!!!!!!! Had one of the best teal hunts I've ever experienced today. Thousands of birds, with flocks of over 100 landing in the decoys. I just enjoyed myself and picked out singles on the ends of flocks and then I'd call them right back into the decoys!!!!!!!!! It was awesome to watch. 4 shots, 4 teal and if regular duck season would have been open a drake pintail and widgeon would have died. LOL!!!!!!!!!! No one showed up to hunt today, their loss. Hope everyone else is having as much success as I have so far. God bless.
Sure was, but I was wanting to film the hunt to get ready for filming this year some more instead. Weird, but I enjoy filming more than hunting these days. It is always good to get in front of the gun some, though. We had an excellent teal season, considering the warm weather, with the exception of a couple of days. God bless.
Guess you didn't have to dodge all the lightening that was around here.That cold front last week pushed good numbers down here.
When do we get to see some of your work on TV?
Well, my last video I filmed is in stores now, Fowl Play III. I'm the guy on the cover in the middle. This year I'm going to freelance alot more and do some filming for the Duck Commander, Barnie Calef, The Flyway Highway, Knock 'em Down Productions(they've got a show for ESPN that needs filmed)and maybe some for Buck Gardner again and possibly some for Bass Pro Shops. Got lots of irons in the fire, just hope all of 'em pan out. God bless.
Went out this morning...........bleak!!!! Bet I didn't see 30 Teal total, did manage to scratch one down though. Man it was hot, those waders will be nice when it gets cold butI bet I lost 5 pounds of water weight.
Yeah, the early teal season is hot. And the mosquitoes can be unbearable if one doens't remember bug spray. LOL!!!!!!!! We had our best hunts during the rainy periods, and always have, so don't overlook them if you get the chance, even if it's pouring!!!!!! God bless.
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