Tea hits goal......loses 113#, thanks BOC for the moviation!!

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  1. teaysvalleyguy

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    Wow, can you believe it. I set a goal in the end of April that I was gonna lose 113#'s and hit my wrestling weight again.


    Madison was my real inspiration. I got just too dang lazy to do anything with her. I would rather sit around and watch TV then play with her. Enough was enough. Time for me to be a daddy!!!!

    Every week I post an update and every week people chime in with congrats which was great inspiration for me.

    In 24 weeks I have lost 113#'s. I have only had a couple set backs. One week my buddy got married and I enjoyed some food. I also took a week off for the National Gathering and gained 17#'s, LMAO. :lol: But, let me tell you it was well worth it. I still miss Pete's peppers and hush puppies. BigRedsBBQ (Trevor) can make some killer BBQ also.

    I am just in shock that I hit my goal, I knew it would happen but always had doubts. That was alot of weight to lose and I have set goals but never reached em in the weight loss catagory since I left High School. Sports always motivated me. I would play football at 265 then cut to 215 in 30-40 days for wrestling. Easy to do because I loved sports.

    So, what has changed in Tea's life since I have lost 113#'s???

    1) Everyday someone says how great I look, just can't believe that I have done it. Everyone thinks I did the surgery, but just could not afford it. hehehe Talk about great motivation.

    2) I have went from a size 52 in pants to a size 36. I just bought new jeans size 36, I could not believe it.

    3) My shirts have went from a 4X to a size 1X. Alot easier to find a variety in this size.

    4) My energy has went up tremendously. I used to lay around and just watch TV, now, I still enjoy it. But also like taking walks and playing sports alot more. I can walk up the stairs without running out of breath. That is great for me.

    5) I dont have to buy X big clothes to hide the fat, I tuck in shirts now to show how much weight I have lost.

    I want to take a minute to thanks each and everyone of you for the posts and support.

    Many of you came up at the National Gathering and told me how great I look and to keep up the great work. That motivated me to get back on it once I got home.

    Many of you send weekly PM's and posts to tell me good job and keep up the great work. I really appreciate that. It kept me going, if I would of got no response it would of been harder to do. Yall are a great backbone for me. I will never be able to thank you enough.

    Many sent me recipes and shared low fat healthy alternatives for my weight loss. Thanks alot for helping me make chicken edible every night. hehehe

    Many chimed in in the chat room and also private chat telling me to keep up the great work. I thank you all very, very much.

    Now, where do I go from here. I have hit my goal, now what???

    I ask myself that question, hehehe. I know that it is just as hard to maintain as it is to lose it. So, here is my goal for my future.

    I plan on hovering around 220# until wrestling season. I will be in the weight room at least once a day with little brother. I plan on toning up and geting alot of cardio in. I will see how I feel and possibly shoot for 200#'s. I am not sure yet. I am real comfortable with my weight right now and not sure that I really want to lose anymore. Time will tell.

    I am gonna to enjoy a few meals to celebrate this weekend and work on maintaining my weight loss. I plan on staying alot smaller then I was. I have to get out of here but will try and post some pics later comparing the beginning to the end.

    I want to thank each and everyone of you though that has supported me from the start of this diet. Yall told me I could do it and I finially did. Here is one last pics of the scales from this morning.

    Week------Date---------Weight---------Lbs Lost--------Lbs to go
    -21-------9/18/06-------239------------- 89---------------24

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  2. blackhorse83

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    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I remember when you started and I'm so glad you made it. Congrat. I know how hard you worked at it. You are an inspiration for all of us!

  3. shelbygt1979

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    Olathe, KS
    Well I would of post here but this wan'nt here before lol.

    Well just wanted to say congrats on reaching your goal Tea

    Keep up the good work.
  4. teaysvalleyguy

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    GC, OHIO
    Thanks alot guys, it was hard work but well worth it.

    Just a heads up, I have also passed out the gold coins that I promised in this thread. catfishjohn and Doughboy each got 100 gold coins for coming closest, everyone else got 5 for playing. No losers in Tea's game!!

  5. catfishcentral

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    That's a heck of a lot of weight to lose and it takes a lot of will power to see it through.
  6. billcatfish

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    evansville Ind
    great job brother need to lose a few my self take care an be good
  7. MRR

    MRR New Member

    Really happy to hear that you made your goal,Tea.Now the hard part (KEEPING IT OFF)but we all know that you can do that also. Like you said Madison is the great motavator in this <we just sort of egged it on. So if you start to back slide just look at your daughter and you'll remember why you started your diet to begin with. Really proud of you for reaching your goal.

  8. duxsrus

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    Good job Tea. I can remember you starting this and it doesn't seem like it was that long ago. That's a heck of a goal you set to accomplish and you did it. Hats off to you buddy!!! Congrats:big_smile:
  9. r ward

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    Kathleen G
    Tea after meeting you at the national all I got to say is be as proud of your self as we are of you :big_smile: :big_smile: :big_smile:
  10. splitshot

    splitshot New Member

    :happy: :happy: Way ta go Tea, that is a great accomplishment, really proud of you brother!!!!!
  11. tspergin

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    newark ohio
    Way to go tea,I had no doubts that you would make it,and I know you will stay with it and keep it off,-got to get with me soon so I can get you back out in the boat and get some kittys
  12. r ward

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    Kathleen G
    Boy Tea after going back to the contest threads I wish i would have made my guess in time oh well maybe next time again way to go
  13. FishMan

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    It's just wonderful Tea. wish I was right there with you. I have lost over 50 # two different times and then have a relapse of my nerve destroying disease and end up in V. A. hospital on what seems like gallons of steroids...LOL...Im sure it's not gallons but mega doses anyway. I won't allow it to get me down and your success is a picture I keep in my mind so I know when my timing is right I to can achieve my old weight.

    Thanks for your diligence and for keeping us all in the loop.

  14. catfishjohn

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    Greenup Co. KY
    WOW, Thanks Tea!!! Congrats on hitting your goal!!! I'm proud of you man,you did great!
  15. Drawout

    Drawout Active Member

    Way to go Tea Glad you made it @!@! Now what did you do with all your old big clothes ,ill take em perfect fit.
  16. pk_powell

    pk_powell New Member

    You did great man! Proud of ya!Now just put your back into it and keep it off,I know you can do it!:big_smile:
  17. fish

    fish Active Member

    Matt, we are really proud of you buddy. It has been a hard fight but you won this fight. Congratulations little brother.
  18. ryang

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    Blacklick, Ohio
    Great Job Tea will I even recognize you now :big_smile:
  19. dafin

    dafin New Member

    good Job tea, congrats
  20. Angelkitty

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    Great Job Tea! Let Madison keep ya running after her and you will keep it off. LOL No seriously Good Job.