Taylorsville Pig Roast

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    Last night at T-Ville Lake the Settlers Trace Marina put on a Pig Roast, Country Music, Bomb Fire bash for everyone to enjoy...It was quite a treat for the kids and the Pigs, Chicken, and Wild Turkey was great...The Marina management hosted the event for the public and to update everyone of all the new things going on there like, they have expanded the parking lot for more cars to park for bank fishing people and more boat area parking for the boaters...They talked of more gatherings for the upcoming summer and possible fishing events for parents and children teams...For info. on anything going on down there ya can call the marina...Oh yes, one more thing, the Bomb Fire was made possible for all the flooded driftwood they picked up from the rising waters lately, whew, there was a bunch...Sorry, left the camera at home, dang, but had a great time, hope ya was there!
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    Thanks for the info Jimmy !!!! Sounded like a great time !!! Pass the info on about the parent and children fishing tournament if you can.:big_smile: