Tawakoni 2/22/09

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  1. cathog

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    Lone Oak Texas
    Blues at Tawakoni were really tough Sunday. I fished for about 5 hours on Sunday and only managed 4 blues, with the biggest being 8 pounds. I talked to several people, including guides, and they all had the same problem. I think they are in all out transition, so we all just need to find the highways they are transitioning in now. I did get broke off on Sunday, but I dont think it was a really big fish, just got me wrapped up in a tree.
  2. Luke Clayton

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    I visited with George Rule yesterday and he told me he's cathing mostly blues in the six to ten pound range now with an occasional bigger fish. Pretty standard for this time of year. Shad are tough to get so he's using pieces of cut carp or buffalo. Will be interesting to see what is caught at the Cabela's tournament this saturday. Luke Clayton

  3. brother hilljack

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    It is very exciting to see the KKQ getting under way. It must be the beginning of fishing season