Taw Caw Creek/Goat Island Bait Info

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  1. rivercatsc

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    I am carrying 4 kds to santee this weekend to fish in a kids tournamnt and it is out of John C Land landing and I have never put in or launched there and was wondering who sells live bait or does anybody at all close to the landing? I didnt want to have to drive over to LILN8s or randolphs if I could help it cause it will be way out of the way. Thanks.
  2. BrianD

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    This may be exactly what your not looking for, but a couple weeks ago i did exactly the same thing and the run to randolph's is just around the corner. I figured the kids might enjoy the ride anyway. I guess it only takes ten minutes or so if your not dealing with real rough water. Maybe someone else knows of a closer place............brian

  3. IndyCatGuy

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    Yeah unfortunately I think N8s is about the closest place to there. There may be more, but I dont know about them. It really isnt that far away from the the landing there. I would say about 20 minutes tops.
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    Yeah, Lil N8's is the closest place by land. And of course, there's Randolph's by boat. The creek is kind of a deadspot when it comes to buying any kind of bait but worms and the occasional minnows.

    But we'll be down on Potato Creek this weekend, James. If you have a spare moment with nothing else to do, swing by the house. We'll be there 'til Monday. But even if I don't see you, have a great day on the lake and teach those young'uns somethin'. :smile2: