Tattoos nice or not

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by maverick43812, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. maverick43812

    maverick43812 New Member

    ok this debate started in the chat room tonite. what do you guys think of tattoos. me personally i think as long as there not to out of control there a great way to express yourself. so lets hear whats the general thought of them on here
  2. bud1110

    bud1110 New Member

    East Texas
    Being a Christian I strive to do what the bible teaches, so there will be no tattoo's for me..

    To each his own I suppose.

  3. dinkbuster1

    dinkbuster1 New Member

    tattoo's are one thing that i guess i just dont undertand? expressing yourself? i dunno, i just dont get it. now i dont look down upon anyone for having them, i treat everyone the same. however i do theorize that folks who do have lots of tattoos are somehow striving for attention, trying to fit in, be a "scary person", "hard A$$", or in some wierd way enjoy pain. im not trying to downgrade the art or anyone but i have a habit of anylizing human behavior and thats the way i feel about them.
  4. LiquidSteel

    LiquidSteel New Member

    La Vista N
    I only have one tattoo, strategically placed, of a great white shark. I dont understand how people can tattoo their entire body, but to each their own.
  5. buddah

    buddah New Member

    Pennsylvania Wi
    Ok, heres my thoughts on tatoos...I have 6 and got them when I was a lad of 16. I wish I hadn't. There all nice and professionally done but I don't listen to SLAYER much these days! LOL
  6. Kyle

    Kyle New Member

    Kansas City - Olathe
    I think their not a bad thing as long as kept within reason. For instance, if you have done/accomplished something that is really important to you, then perhaps you'd want to get a reminder of that tattoed somewhere. I have one tat it says 'USMC' on my arm and thats all I ever plan on getting... what I can't stand is those tribal tattos that I see alot of guys with..they're just a series of lines, suposed to symbolize indian tribes or something and the people who get them arn't even indian or have anything to do with tribes!! Drives me nuts. Just my 2 cents
  7. Cutshad

    Cutshad New Member

    Newalla, Oklahoma (Shawnee)
    I think they are great. Some of the art nowadays is gorgeous. I plan on getting two. I am not talking about jail tats, or in "the back room tats". I have seen some really nice tats and think if you want one go ahead.
  8. Ol Man

    Ol Man New Member

    My Dad and two brothers had tatts. I have no judgements one way or another. It is each individual's choice. Personally, I'm not ready to be a walking billboard. My mother 'n' wife know I love them without etching it in my hide...:lol: I reckon the thing I don't understand is, why do people get tattoos in places only they can see..?:confused2:
    Why call them 'Apartments' since they're all together?
  9. teaysvalleyguy

    teaysvalleyguy New Member

    GC, OHIO
    I have 2, one on each shoulder. Placed so I can cover them up in my business enviroment.

    I am planning on getting 2 more, probably on calf and shoulder. A portrait of Madison's baby picture and a portrait of my late Grandfather.
  10. FishMan

    FishMan New Member

    most women wake up every day and change their skin appearance. What can I say. Everyone owns their own skin so really I think it is wrong to decide if what they do with it is wrong or right. Marking the skin has been with humans for thousands of years so I'll bet you my skin that our thoughts won't change that.

    I have 2. They are mine. You can't have them. I like many people who have them. I like many people who don't have them. I dislike some people who have them. I dislike some people who don't have them.
  11. fishhook

    fishhook New Member

    Willow Woo
    I have to agree with dinkbuster, I have 4 tatoos which I got when I was really young and thought at the time they were the macho thing to do like some people of today do but now that I'm older I hate them and have been thinking about having them removed. I wish I had never gotten them in the first place and most people around my age that have them that I've talked to say the same thing.
  12. Mark J

    Mark J New Member

    Four Oaks, NC
    The tribal ones are a trip. You have to wonder do people with them know what tribe they are subscribing to?
    I mean, you could be painting your body with the symbols of the lost Pygmy tribe of Tanzania and showing the pygmy world you are a ready willing woman of child bearing age!
    or you could just be plain duped by some geek drawing circles, vines and sharp objects that giggles as he calls it tribal art.

    I aint never been in a tribe. My roots dont extend into a tribe so its kind of obvious I am not going to get in the game of tribery and body defacement over something tribal.
  13. zappaf19

    zappaf19 New Member

    I think tats are a way of expressing one self. My wife has one (hidden) and my daughter has 2. Me I don't like anything that I can't wash off. I can't see putting a girl friends name on. What happens if the relation ship ends?
  14. thomcat

    thomcat New Member

    pennsylvania 17745
    i dig them, some are outrageous, but their all true works of art.. even if you dont like them, you still gotta appriciate the art factor of them...
  15. Mark J

    Mark J New Member

    Four Oaks, NC
    Thomas, I'm selective of what I call art.
    And even with that not alot of art impresses me.
    I used to do alot of pen and ink. Even had 2 drawings published in calenders.
    Art to me involves feeling. When I pen and inked my goal was to put you there living it whether it was a rocky wedge of a mountain dark and forboding lit on one side by a lightning strike or the Cape Hatteras light on a sunny summer day with the seagulls and sand fiddlers looking for a meal.

    My definition of art would be 3 dimensional. You cant convey on skin what you can on paper or canvas.
    you cant get feeling or live some tribal wrap or a skull with a bleeding knife sticking from an eye socket.
    And dont make me laugh at the Tasmanian devil. That aint art.
    What are women going to do when the tramp stamp becomes as un popular as plaid skirts and bobby socks?:lol:
  16. FS Driver

    FS Driver New Member

    tribal tattoos may not require too much skill to embed into your skin but i have seen some true talent in tats and im not talking about some traced
    catalouged item print on the wall you pick , but instead a talented artist
    freehanding a work of art . not much room for a mistake when its done like that.

    the tats i cant stand to see are on womens necks and ankles .
    i dont like tattoos on women period ,but the large ugly ones
    on their bodies they display are not attractive to me .
    we have a churchs chicken store up the road that had a manager
    woman whos whole neck front to back was covered in flames and
    gang grafitti etc. i was finding myself judgemental over her tats
    and i have some myself.???
    the tramp stamp may be a bit less provocative than neck or leg tats
    but like mark said after a acouple decades pass and the old grey mare just aint what she used to be ........then whats the point?

    i would say my tats were gotten for macho reasons or i though it was the COOL thing back then . now that im grown and know more than i did then , i know i would not have gotten these few that i have.

    i too cant understand the reasoning behind a woman/girl getting them.
    god made them with enough detail for a man to be attracted to them without them haveing to get tattoos .
  17. noeran

    noeran New Member

    South Carolina
    I have to agree with bud1110. I think they are wrong to have.
  18. lawnman61

    lawnman61 New Member

    Fort Worth, Tex
    I have 2 tats and they are on my upper arm. 1 was done by a friend that wass traced and the other was done freehand, both are Eagles. I am a collector of Eagle things.
    I do want 1 more but not a big one and it will also be an eagle done freehand on my back.
    I like tats but not to the extreme of all over the body.
    There can be some very nice art work done and then some of those that are just out of control and ugly.
    To each there own, I always say.
  19. Stumpknocker2

    Stumpknocker2 New Member

    NW FL
    Well one thing yall will learn about me is that I dont much care what others think, so long as I am not hurting someone. I have probably 15 tattoo's. It was something I did when I was young, and at times regret. As a matter of fact I had some removed from my hands. But in no way do I care what others think of them....If that were the case I would be able to blame everyone for everything, cause I would be able to say, "well so and so said or thought." Everyday I live to be the best person I can possibly be, under my beliefs. Don't no body help to pay my bills or put food on my table so when I lay down at night I know that all that matters is I am responsible for my own happiness and all that it intails. I make my own desisions based on what is going to make me happy not others, they are responsible for there own.
  20. coltsfan

    coltsfan New Member

    could'nt of said it any better.i also have alot of tattoos.i have a sleeve on my right arm and show them proudly. i think mine are done tastefully and have gotten alot of good comments on them.i dont have naked women or a bunch of skulls with blood or anything like that,but who am i to judge if you do.people with tattoos have a certain bond together, it does'nt matter what they are of , it means somthing to that person and that is good enough for me