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Discussion in 'LOCAL KANSAS TALK' started by River_monster91, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. River_monster91

    River_monster91 New Member

    central kansas
    well me and gus talk quite a bit on here about tattoos so i figured i would make a tattoo talk thread so we aint hijacking everyone elses threads. anyone else on here besides gus a tattoo artist? i figure we can post pics of tat's we have or want to get. well gus i guess were kinda dedicating this thread to you. post up some pics of your latest work if ya got any.
  2. Kansas Tree Rat

    Kansas Tree Rat New Member

    Waverly, Kansas
    I don't have any tats but might have to have Gus do me a Flathead if I can find the right picture.

  3. Catgirl

    Catgirl New Member

    I do b'lieve that if I allowed someone to mark my body in that way (permanently) it would be Gus. Prolly wouldn't be a fish, even a catfish though. Never really contemplated that, think I'd have to design somethin' myself.