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    I live in Minnesota, and here, according to almost everyone, walleye is king. Fortunately this state offers some of the most diverse fishing as can be found everywhere.

    Most of the people I fish with, only target bass and walleye until I take them catfishing. 1 or 2 fish on, and most of them are instant "closet" catfisherman. Doesn't seem like many want to admit they target our whiskered friends, but judging from the number of campfires lining the river banks at night, it appears that there are plenty fishing for ole whiskers. It's interesting that its easy to get someone to go catfishing, but when it comes to eating them, most people are hard to convert.

    I have always gotten a laugh out of people saying how muddy cats taste because they "only eat on the bottom." What's even more entertaining, is when they brag right afterward about how great a walleye tastes. Now I am sure we all know, cats don't only eat off the bottom (I have even caught 2 on top water lures while bass fishing, that suprised even me).

    Since most of the guys I fish with, somehow have never figured out how to fillet fish without getting all the bones out (especially northerns), I typically do all the cleaning for the groups I go out with so most of them really don't know what the different fillets from different fish look like after being cleaned (I skin everything).

    About 3 years ago I doctored up a small channel cat fillet making it about the size of the perch fillets I was frying. I gave it to my father-in-law right next to a perch fillet. He ate both pieces down before I even had the time to get more done, and he told me how great it was. My wife busted out laughing as soon as he said it since she knew what I had done.

    So, how many of you have done that to someone who wouldn't even give ole whiskers a chance?
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    I try not to tell newbies how good catfish taste. Don't want them killing my cats.

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    Chad,WHAT a Dirty Rotten thing to do to Your Old Father-in Law!!!! I Love It.And You are right most folks that think catfish taste muddy haven't Ever tried it.JMHO. J.D.
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    Down here in the south, small cats are invited to dinner on a very frequent basis. We teach them from a very young age not to eat off the bottom. :wink:
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    Never done that, but I did cook fish BEFORE the burgers at my last get-together. All the people who'd been worried about eating "scavenging bottom feeders out of the muddy old rivers" suddenly turned piscivorous and ate 10lbs of fish and probably 3 or 4 of hush puppies. And they all looked at me in amazement and said "Wow, this is GOOD!", like me and everyone else has been eating crappy tasting fish just to eat it:roll_eyes: Needless to say, very few burgers cooked and no more silly questions about eating "scavengers".
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    I generally manage to get them to try 'just one small bite', and then they're hooked. (Pun intended.) I grew up eating largemouth bass, but now I don't even want them. I'd rather go to a restaurant and eat catfish, not that their cooking is anywhere near good as mine! :002:
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    Once you got cat, you never go back. Grew up eating cat, steamed, fried, boiled, you name, I've eaten it. The best thing is not having to worry about choking on a piece of bone! BTW, got a friend hooked on it now, he loves it.
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    Around here catfish taste great. A lot of people think catfish taste bad.