Tarp drift socks?

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    anyone ever made one? i have heard of folks making drift socks out of tarp material but cannot find any info online on how to glue together the material. i am sure i can make a really good drift sock (or bag) cheap by just using tarp and grommets but i need to find a way to glue the tarp material. i can sew it but that would take quite a while. i currently use "drift buckets" but when the river is at normal level the buckets really dont help much even in the slightest breeze. plan on making a JUMBO "bag", cone shaped with a hole in the end, for low water/little current conditions.
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    Mike that is a great idea. Should be workable. When you have it completed and tested, make another post. It could end up in the BOC library. Thanks for the idea.

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    Have you tried "shoe goo". Its made to fix practically any shoe.
    Glues rubber vinyl and canvas.
    Heck if it can fix tennis shoes , who knows what they are made of now a days,I'd think it would glue plastic tarps.
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    I just finished sewing a drift sock. I made it from rip-stop material I bought at Hancocks Fabrics... cost $4.96 per yard and I got two yards of a bright red and two yards of a bright yellow. I then bought UV resistant nylon thread to sew it together. I made a pattern by taping two sheets of a newspaper together, with the center fold on the pages lined up. I then folded it on the fold and measured 7 inches on one end, then a 40" length, from which I measured two inches. It would be easy to adjust the 7 inch end to another dimension and lengthen the sock. The rip-stop came in a 60" width, and from the red I cut four strips at 2 1/2 inches by 60", and two of the same size from the yellow. I folded them in half, sewed the edges and use the red strips as legs for the cone. I sewed about 12" of the length onto the side of the cone for more strength. I joined to two yellow strips together and made one long strip. I again folded this in half, turned it inside out, and sewed it to the 4" opening to be a trip cord. As it is, my finished sock has a 28" diameter at the large end, is 38" in length, and has a 4" opening at the small end. Total sewing time was about 6 hours.