Tar Bottom Boat.

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    When i was about 13 years of age, my friends and i fished in a small lake near my home, it was about 15 acers. All we could do was bank fish, so i told the guys ,lets build us a boat. My uncle gave us some 12 inch boards and here we went. we took the two longest boards ,nailed one end together and nailed one across the back about three feet long, now we had the sides and back. We then nailed the boards across to make the floor, then turned in over and nailed in some seats. The lake was about a 1/4 mile from my house, so we hauled it to the lake on two little wagons, that was a mess, Then we turned it over and brushed on two gallons of roofing tar. We used it for two years,before my dad said it was not safe to use anymore. That was the first boat that i ever owned, and I have not been without one sence..........Just thought I would share that with you.:) (ps) my uncle helped a little, but he made us boys build it.
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    Good post enjoyed reading

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    Thats flat out heart of a fisherman
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    I found my first boat sunk in the shallows of a lake. I got some friends to help me get it onto a cartop carrier so I could get it back to the farm I was boarding on, and used tar to seal the bottom.
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    I pulled my first off the bottom of lake behind my house also. abt 8ft long and with a 10" board for the sides and back, origionally it had a tin bottom but rusted out. I put plywood on bottom and used it for several years. later found that it had been built by my dad and allowed to sink several years earlier! not a great boat but I liked it.
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    We had a 10 acre pond on our farm and the first boat I remember was made out of rough cut cypress lumber. (Daddy owned a sawmill) It was covered with roofing tar too. I remember Mom always brought an old tee shirt or something and while we fished Daddy would take his pocket knife and poke some of the cloth in the cracks to slow down the leaks. You always had to bail the water out before fishing because the old waterlogged boat was to heavy to pull completely out of the water so what was left in the water was swamped. Mom and Dad said I would sit on an old potty chair in the bottom of the boat. One day Daddy came home with a new aluminum boat and we sure thought we were somebody then.


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